Is it possible to learn FL studio with DEMO? in depth tutorial !!

Anyone who is starting music production will have this question that “is it possible to learn music production with the demo version of fl studio?”. Whenever we start to learn music production most of us don’t have the money to invest in the paid licenses of the software and we look for ways to DIY this.

Fl studio has so much reputation in the community of beginners who are starting music production.there is no degree of doubt that fl studio is the best beginner music production software that you can get your hands on as you are starting.

Fl studio is one of the easiest software in music production to learn as well. this is one of the reasons why the question comes up so this article let’s look at the restrictions fl studio has and if the demo version is good enough to learn music production.

Yes, it’s possible to learn music production with fl studio demo. Fl studio demo version only restricts you from saving the project and exporting it. This allows anyone to experiment and learn music production in fl studio.

Fl studio demo features

When you look at the demo features that are available in fl studio you will understand that they do want you to buy a license. At the same time, they do offer you all the abilities to use fl studio and learn from it. you can find this when you look at the restrictions that they have in fl studio demo version.

The two main restrictions that you have with fl studio are unable to save and open projects and exporting projects. In some cases, you might feel like not having the ability to save the project will not allow you to learn music production. In reality, it doesn’t. you can perfectly learn music production for the first six without any need for these paid licenses. If you ask me I would always suggest you get paid licenses as it is worth it to have paid licenses. You can check my article here on fl studio versions to understand why they are worth it. One of the reasons I talked about was it is a one-time fee you pay and they offer you lifetime free updates.

The second restriction you will have is the inability to export the files out of fl studio. If you want to show your friends and family what you have done in fl studio then that’s not possible at all. Will this limit you from learning music production? The answer is yes and no. this won’t have any technical difficulty in restricting you from learning the software instead this will cause the problem where you will demotivate to learn music production because you couldn’t get the files out of fl studio.

Benefits of a fl studio license

The first thing would be the commitment that you will have as soon as you start to work on a paid version of a software than a demo version. There will be more enthusiasm than the times where you worked on a version that is just a demo version. This allows you to look at music production in a very different view rather than looking at it as a music production software. You will look at music production as a hobby that can yield you a side income as well. that’s where music production becomes extra fun.

This is where I want all the beginner music producers to reach as fast as possible.

how to pay for fl studio

sometimes paying for a license would be hard if you are not in a developed country. If you are from a developing country like me, I have put together an article here for you in detail on how to save money monthly to pay for fl studio.

The best mindset is to look at it as an investment rather than looking at it from the angle of an expense.

If you are interested in getting fl studio you can get it from zzounds. They have the best customer service in all the music production stores.

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the important aspect of music production is that it’s supposed to be fun, entertaining, and a joyful experience rather than a frustrating time. The one way to make it fun is to understand that the learning curve might be a bit hard at first but you can accelerate in learning the software as you progress more and more.

Don’t be hard on yourself when you are starting to learn fl studio .check skillshare amazing tutorials that will be structured rather than youtube.

If you are interested check my article on why fl studio is the best DAW here.

Hustle harder folks.

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