What are the Limitations of Protools? indepth analysis

Pro tools is widely considered to be the best in the game software and a beast in the studio production environment has some limitations as well. It’s not glory software where you can invest money and expect to get everything you want.

There are a lot of caveats when it comes to music production software or digital audio workstation software like pro tools.

You might be mesmerized by the ability to use advanced features like cloud integration, loop record comping, and the variety of advantages it has.

Btw, it’s not some dumb software at all.

Am I bashing pro tools here NO!!

First, you can check my article on why pro tools is the best DAW?

Here in this article, I will go through 7 ultimate limitations that pro tools have when compared to various other digital audio workstations.

7 limitations of using protools

  • Cloud lockNo Live Performances
  • Monthly subscription
  • No local storage for the lite version
  • No good plugins for sound design
  • Heavily dependent on the third party 
  • Less automation.

Let’s look at one by one shall we,

Cloud lock

This is one of the annoying things that happens with pro tools that your projects are saved locally and in the cloud sometimes if you just start a project in the cloud and dint save on your laptop/ pc you are done. Imagine you are going to a remote location trying to retrieve stuff?

You are doomed, my friend!!

Sometimes even the cloud function itself malfunctions and causes problems as well. It’s an advantage to have cloud storage as well as a huge hassle at times.

In the case of the lite version, you are offered only 3 projects which you can work on in the cloud which is limiting as well.

No Live Performances

For premium software, I would expect it to perform live. Pro tools doesn’t offer such functionalities which put me off. The quality they offer as recording studio software is just beyond compare. If they could provide the same amount of performance and function with a live option then I would leave Ableton and stick with pro tools.

Pro Tools is the best at studio production modules like mixing consoles. If they could produce a beast of a live performance module that would be sweet.

Live performance is the deal-breaker for me.

Yours might be different.

Monthly subscription

 To be honest pro tools is expensive. It’s not a one-time fee like the other digital audio workstations. You have to pay monthly fees to use pro tools which is annoying even if the quality of the software you get is amazing.

Imagine you are taking a vacation in July; you still have to pay the freak in subscription fees. They will surely brainwash you to pay the one-year subscription by showing you that you get a 20% off on the yearly sub as well.

Is it worth it? It comes down to individual preference.

No local storage for the lite version

When you compare the lite version of pro tools to other software’s on paper they make it seem like protools has the best lite version available for any beginner to join and learn their software but on reality, the functions are so limited when it comes to the ability to learn and make songs as a newbie in a digital audio workstation.

Local storage is one of them, which is a major limitation in my opinion.

Users must be able to save at least 50 projects that are something before you lock them out if you are worried about them not buying your premium licenses.

No good plugins for sound design

Yes, I understand that pro tools is a digital audio workstation for studio environments to record and work with audio. At the same time, the functionalities are not up to par when it comes to sound design and advanced sound synthesis. You will be restricted in terms of what you can do with the software.

High-quality inbuilt plugins make the experience of using the software better. It does.

C’mon pro tools we need more plugins for sound design.

Heavily dependent on the third party 

If you look at the inbuilt plugins and modules that every digital audio workstation is adding to their software and compare it with pro tools you will find that they are in 2015 and have to play a lot of catch-ups. Depending on third party plugins for complex audio manipulations is not the best

Less automation

Everybody freak in loves automation and in the case of pro tools, the one thing I would say is please making your automation a bit simpler. Now the interface it’s not great to work with for all the functionalities that we want to automate.

These are some of the things that I find annoying with pro tools.

I think I have picked on pro tools too much even though I am an affiliate for avid.

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At the end of the day, pro tools Is solid software that is aimed at professionals. Very can cherry-pick on every single one and say, hey that’s not right and this is not right, but this software is a beast which most people won’t understand because they don’t use all of its functionalities.

If you want to know what this software can do check my article on why pro tools is the best DAW right here.

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Hustle harder folks.

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