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How to load Samples in Ableton? Guide with Pictures

Sampling is an amazing ability that we have In digital audio workstations to put our skills into play as in today’s age there are so many sample packs available.

Sampling has taken a great part in today’s’ world of beat making even though this has been done for many years. Hip-hop producers make use of these sample packs to make beats and these are widely loved.

There are so many different types of sample packs starting from drum packs, melody packs, and midi packs as well.

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In this article let’s look at how to load samples into Ableton

Step 1

When you open a project in Ableton you will see a screen like this below,

If you look at the picture you can see the session view which is loaded in there. You can also see a box where the samples, plugins are located.

If you don’t see this window you might have something like this in the below picture,

If that is the case click on the toggle button shown at the top to open the browser window as shown in the below pic

You will be able to load your samples through the browser window which is shown in the below picture.

You can go see in the below picture that under the places section you will find the add folder section.

When you click the button you will be able to open the folder section in windows as shown in the below picture

If you are in the arrangement view then you should be able to come to the session view through the tab button on your keyboard and you can go through the process once again to import your samples in Ableton Live.


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Hustle harder folks.

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