What is Better Logic or Pro Tools? ultimtate showdown

The comparisons never end at all. There is always this question of which one is better in the digital audio workstation industry. You are always be debating whether you should go with pro tools or with logic pro. The answer is not simple at all. It’s a bit more complex.

There are so many things to be considered while evaluating a digital audio workstation to say whether it is good or not. So in this article, we will go through every aspect of each of these software and analyze how they rack up to each other.

We will be comparing these two music production software in terms of their price, functionalities, and ease of use for a beginner as well.

So in short which one is better?

Pro tools is better than Logic pro in terms of productivity and use. Pro tools offers more than logic in terms of ease of use for a beginner to understand and at the same time offers enough for the professionals to craft their projects.

Let’s look at each one of them shall we,

How good is pro tools?

Pro tools is used by professionals all around the world for music production, film scoring, audio mixing, and mastering. There are so many things that can be said about pro tools but the most important thing is that pro tools free version offers more than every other intro version of music production software.

The cloud collaboration feature available in pro tools is changed the way how producers and music artists collaborate. This allows film scoring that’s happening in different places around the world to join the same project and complete within the required time.

Pro tools is known for their HD systems as well which integrate with all their mixing consoles as well. the most admired aspect of pro tools is that avid makes mixing consoles which makes it ideal for any music production studio to use.

Loop record track is used by pro tools which helps so much in comping for vocal recording. Pro tools is always known for its ability to be used as a recording software in studios all around the world.

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How good is logic pro?

Logic Pro is a digital audio workstation and a midi sequencer that is used in macOS. It was first created as notor logic in the 1990s but later turned into logic pro. Logic pro costs around 199.99$.

Logic pro excels in making hip-hop beats and praised by a lot of hip-hop producers. We cannot pigeonhole logic and say that logic is only for hip-hop producers as a lot of producers use it for composing film music as well.

The opportunities that logic offers are incredible when it comes to plugins that are inbuilt within logic. This is one place where I have a beef with pro tools where their internal plugins aren’t up to par when compared to other digital audio workstations.

One thing that logic has done is copying the live features from Ableton live by including the live loops feature; this allows controlling music-making sessions to be controlled with iPad and iPhone with logic remote.

It has easy features to convert sounds and samples using the sampler. The step sequencer is used extensively by logic producers and is praised by a lot of people.

The integrations of step sequencer along with the live loops offer so much efficiency in getting the ideas spontaneously into the software.

The Difference between pro tools and logic pro

The main difference you might find around pro tools and logic pro is that they are focused on a different type of producers and the adjustments they are making in their updates just proves that.

If you look at pro tools their updates are usually about producers who want to work with studio hardware and video scoring works, while the updates that we get from logic are usually about the new live features and these are aimed at producers who are performing artists.

This is the biggest difference that you can notice in both the software as a whole.

The price difference is something that has to be talked about as well. logic pro x is a one-time payment whereas pro tools is a subscription payment where you are asked to pay nearly 80 bucks per month.

The only difference that is a major one is the use of cloud resources in the case of pro tools which makes it stand out among the rest.


It doesn’t matter which software you use, it does matter if you are putting your effort 120% to learn what is needed to excel in music production. Sometimes you might need to invest not only your time but your money as well.

If you haven’t taken your music production journey seriously, I would advise you to take it as a business as well. There are so many ways to make money online through music. Never sleep on these opportunities.

Investing in both pro tools and logic pro will make sure that you achieve your goals.

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Hustle harder folks

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