Can I sell music made with FL studio?

When you start to make music it’s just really us having fun and experimenting with the digital audio workstation also called the music production software. These dynamics shift once you start to get good at the skill and the love for making music starts to grow in you.

This is when the moment of lightbulb comes and tells you “you should do it full-time bruh!!”.

Everyone who starts music production and is serious about this has this light bulb moment in their lives, where they want to do it full time. This leads to the topic that we are discussing today “how I do sell my music made with FL studio?”. It doesn’t even have to be FL studio let’s say it’s any music production software. How do you sell your music to people?

In this article, I will go in-depth on how to sell your music no matter which software you have created it and how to even start to think like a business man when it comes to selling your creation when you have poured your heart and soul into it.

Let’s look at the short answer to the question.

Yes, you can sell music made with FL studio and make money off of it. There are various platforms where you can host your music to sell them. Due to the advancements in tech, it has become easier than ever.

How to sell music?

Selling your creation? If you haven’t panicked for this you are not a creator. I was really worried that I will be taken advantage of if I’m selling my music. I was worried that someone will say that they are going to buy my music and ghost me once they get the tracks.

Have I experienced this? Yes, many times. Sometimes I would even know that they are going to ghost me but still, I help them because they wouldn’t know anything better.

So how do you sell your music without getting robbed and without getting screwed by the nasty people on the internet that’s where your portfolio comes into play.

I use Namecheap to create my portfolio if you are interested you can check them out here. They offer one of the cheapest hosting and domain services with a proper value and please don’t go with Wix and Squarespace they are slow as heck.

I have tried beatstars and airbit as well. They don’t give you full control at all. if one day they decide to close everything that’s it you are done and doomed.

Try and register one name cheap.

If you are interested check out my article on how to create your music producer portfolio.

How to stream music

Streaming your music is another way to earn money as a music producer. You can earn a full salary income if you can get 1 million hits every single month. Yeah, that’s what it takes to make 4000$ per month on Spotify.

Now you may have questions like how to get my music into Spotify? Fear not.

You can get into all streaming platforms using a distributor .there are a lot of distributors out there but I always recommend ditto music because of their regular pay-outs and proper customer service was in with distrokid you will never hear back if you have a problem with your songs. You might see distrokid everywhere because of their paid reviews. With distrokid, it’s like a ghost town.

Sign up with ditto music here.

Once you sign up it’s about 20$ per year. You will be able to put your music on more than 50 platforms and they are constantly adding platforms in ditto music. Recent additions include TikTok and Instagram music as well.

The recent trends in music producers making a lot of lo-fi is due to this streaming money as well.

You can make a lot if you get accepted to some famous instrumental channel playlists like a chilled cow.

How to sell beats

This comes down to your website situation where you have to get your website.

Hosting all your beats on your website will help you to have control over all your beats and all your creations rather than depending on an external hosting provider.

Namecheap is your solution and I highly recommend them.

Selling beats is an art that you have to master. Nowadays since a lot of people are selling beats you have to be creative on how to sell beats and how to even find your audience to sell beats to them.

You cannot sell hip-hop beats to people who are not rappers.

Finding your audience is the key to selling your music. Who are your people? Who do you want to connect with? Matters in music as everything depends on your authentic behavior.

If you act like something you are not, a man in this day and age people will see right through you.

Don’t use the fake it till you make it a thing, it doesn’t work in beat sales or music production.


Starting music production may be one thing but excelling in it and being your boss takes blood, sweat, and tears. Some people even may have a question like is it worth it? Yes, it’s worth it.

If you can do what you love, you don’t have to work a single day in your life.

Doing what you love is never work.

Mastering your skill as a music producer takes at least 2 to 3 years, when you are in this space understand that music production is not a sprint it’s a marathon and you have to have the patience to go through with it till the end.

When you hear a NO! Don’t give in or get emotional it happens so much in the industry.

It doesn’t have to do with your color age or gender. People are People that’s it.

Give all your best

If you are interested check out my article on how to music producer motivation.

Hustle harder folks

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