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Make your Christmas Album in 10 steps: No fluff

Emotions flow through us when we start to talk about Christmas. From childhood the only celebration that I had properly is Christmas. Due to our family struggles Christmas was something that everybody came together and celebrated. In this article let’s look at the process of making a Christmas album. 

  • Number of songs
  • genre
  • cover/original
  • writing lyrics
  • own music/outsourcing
  • recording gear
  • recording
  • mixing 
  • mastering 
  • publishing 

1.Number of songs 

  • The first thing to consider is how many songs do you want to add to your album. Is it going to be a 10 song album or a 5 song album? Do you want to release a single or a whole album? These questions have to be answered so that the work we do is structured and doesn’t waste time. 
  • Usually, modern-day albums have 8-10 songs. But albums have died almost 60%. Nowadays you can see more and more singles being released rather than albums. 
  • Once you have fixed the number of songs you want to release. Make sure that you allocate one week for each song. 
  • Let’s say you want to release 5 songs make sure you have 5 weeks to work on each song. In this case, you should be starting your album work even before November. 
  • Most people miss out on these minute details and end giving up. 


  • When it comes to Christmas songs we can do them in different genres of music. Usually, Christmas music seems to be jingles and a sometimes slow waltz or even country type music. 
  • Knowing which genre you want your songs to be will help in writing the lyrics better. You can get creative with this. 
  • I have seen people taking lyrics from one genre and converting it into another. It’s fun and entertaining. Yeah making music is entertaining. 
  • While selecting your genre make sure to have some reference tracks for each type or genre of music you are trying to write. 
  • Once you have selected the genre for each song let’s move on to the next step


  • Cover songs are nothing but versions of a song that is already a classic. If you made a remake of jingle bells then it’s a cover song. 
  • original is nothing but making something completely new. 
  • The advantage of doing a cover is that it will reduce your time significantly. 
  • Writing an original will be hectic at first but if you are thinking to make music as a full-time career then you should definitely do originals. 
  • The more mistakes you make now will help you to fix them in the future. 

4. Writing lyrics

  • If you have chosen to make cover songs you can skip this step. If you are adventurous to spend time on making an original song this is the time to invest in some notebooks and pencils to start writing your lyrics. 
  • I would advise listening to a lot of Christmas songs first so that you can get some ideas about how to make the song interesting and how you can sculpt it. 
  • If this is your first time writing songs then it’s going to be hard. The song you write will feel so casual, but don’t worry every hit song is simple and repetitive. 

5.Own music/Outsourcing

  • Now is the time to choose how you are going to produce music for your songs. It doesn’t matter if it’s a cover or an original song. If you know to play the guitar or piano, this will. Be easy and simple. 
  • If you don’t know to play then I would Advice you to outsource a producer who can help you with making music. 
  • If you have basic knowledge of the piano or guitar that is enough as well. 

6.Recording gear. 

This is something that is unavoidable. If you are working with a music producer who had his own gear then you don’t have to invest any money into this .if you don’t have any gear you need to really invest in this. 

The basic instruments include 

  • Audio interface
  • Microphone 
  • Midi keyboard
  • Studio monitors

Audio interface

  •  This is nothing but an external sound card that converts digital audio to analog audio and analog to digital. It is used to connect your microphone to your laptop. 
  • This is the device through which your vocals or musical Instruments will be recorded. 
  • A good audio interface that I recommend is Native instruments komplete audio 2
  • You can also check my guide on audio interfaces. 


  •  The most important part of your setup which you must pay attention. A good sounding microphone will get you the result that you can never get with a cheap microphone. 
  • The quality of the microphone you use rapidly changes the quality of the vocal. That you get out of the mix. 
  • The microphone that I recommend is Audio Technica at2020 which is the cheapest and has the best quality.
  • Check out my guide on studio microphones

Midi keyboard

  •  This is an important investment that you have to make. Midi keyboards are made to play software instruments because they don’t have any onboard sounds. You can use them to trigger sounds. 
  • There are a lot of versions of midi keyboards based on keys, pads, and functions. 
  • The basic keyboard requirement can be a 32 key native instrument keyboard. 
  • You can also check out my guide on midi keyboards 

Studio monitors

  •  These are essential parts of making your songs sound great on any speakers, may it be a car sound system or a home theater. 
  • These headsets are different from the normal headsets that you use as these are not boosted headsets. 
  • Studio monitor headsets reproduce accurate music and sounds. 
  • My recommendation is audio technical ath m50x


  • Now we are in the stage to implement and take things from the processing stage to production. 
  • My tips for recording is that choose a place that has zero reverb and noises. I mean literally zero, as condenser microphones can pick up even anything that is so small. 
  • Usually, a great place to record is your closet. 
  • If you have a bit of money you can also soundproof your room. Check out my article on how to soundproof a bedroom studio if you are interested. 


  • Mixing is the stage where all the elements that you recorded are put together. 
  • This is the stage you should pay more attention to. Your songs can level up easily even if you recorded in a crappy way. 
  • In simple words, mixing is the photoshop stage of sound recording. 
  • Check out our article on why mixing and mastering should be done by a single engineer. 


  • This is the final stage of song production before publishing it. 
  • Mastering is nothing but making your song to sound loud in all the speakers and making if optimum for streaming platforms. 
  • In music finesse, I offer to mixing and mastering services as well. If you are interested hit us at


  • This is the moment that you have been waiting for, Publishing the songs to all streaming platforms. 
  • There are multiple distributors out there through whom you can publish your music to all the platforms. 
  • The one I recommend is ditto music
  • I think it’s the cheapest and most affordable option. 


Let the holiday spirit lift your hearts. Let gratitude and being kind to one another be the center of your life. 

If you want to learn more about music production check our other articles. 

Hustle harder. 

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