Does Music Production count as composing music?

music production count as composing music

sometimes it’s hard to put a pin on something and say this is music production or this is music composition. when people ask me what do you do are you a music composer or a music producer but in reality, you can give a particular answer because you do both music production as well as music composition.

sometimes its hard to give them any name because they assist in only a part of the process.lets look at beatmakers, some of them do complete music production,but some these cases using the word music production is not logical at all.

same applies for music compositions as well.if you look at a music composer who is allocated to a movie ,they only work on the title track and most of the other music in the film are out sourced.

it begs the do you put a finger on something and say this is music composing and this is music production when two people work on the same software and make the same songs.b

lets look at what music producers do as well as what music composers do, so that we can clarify if music production is counted as music composition.

what is music production?

In lay mans terms , Music production can be defined as the process of putting together musical elements to create a song or composition.

Music production is a term that is thrown around for a long period of time without context. Once it was music directors and now it has become different in various ways.

instead of giving a general answer lets try to formulate a proper explanation of what music producer does.

The music producer is someone who is able to work through every single step of the process in the creation of a song until it is mixed and mastered.

What does it really mean?

We cannot arrive at any answer because its really hard when different people have different skills and they will call themselves as music producer.

the ideology of who actually is a music producer varies from person to person.the best way to put this question of who is a music producer is to count anyone who involves in the process of music production.

lets look at how music composition might really shift your focus in this aspect.

what is music composition?

music composition is the art of putting together musical elements for film,commercial and new age youtube videos.

this is where it gets confusing. the software instruments they use match properly .most of the things they do is literally the same,how do you justify music composition is same as music production or viceversa.

whenever this question is asked I remember DJ Khalid moment when he was asked how was he the producer of the album when he isn’t touched the song at all.that man rounded his head as much he can to justify it but he couldn’t and he will never be able to do it if he hasn’t even turned a knob.

all he does is to put the group together to make the song and plaster his face all across the album as if he made it piece by piece the amazing producers and composers are never credited at all.he never says their name unless he is asked .when you owe all your glory to your producers who are backing you up ,you gotta say their names.

some music producers are really versatile ,some aren’t like that at all.

Final verdict

yes, music production can be counted as music composition because each term doesn’t have a defined role attached to it, rather it depends on the person who does the work.


Doesn’t matter what term it is if you are making music you love.

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