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21 Music Producer motivation tips that will give you success

music producer motivation

There are lot of ways you can motivate yourself but these steps will guide you to succeed in a system way of process.Lets get into it.

The 21 tips for music producer motivation are,

  • 1. Reward yourself
  • 2. Invest in yourself
  • 3. Set goals
  • 4. Break your goals
  • 5. Plot your progress
  • 6. Make your goal public
  • 7. Fix your competition
  • 8. Outwork your competition
  • 9. Work as a team
  • 10. Find daily inspiration
  • 11. Get a coach
  • 12.Have a powerful reason
  • 13. Never quit
  • 14.Think positive
  • 15. Don’t fear failure
  • 16. Be dedicated
  • 17. Be grateful for small things
  • 18. Don’t forget your start
  • 19. Rinse and repeat
  • 20. Be thankful
  • 21.Celebrate 

1.Reward yourself 

This was something that I discovered that had a huge effect on the works I did. Whenever I get demotivated, I would tell myself you can have this small gift that you want if you finish this work. It really worked since I was working and ambitiously trying to get to the goal, it was quite easy and motivating for me. 

When I was a small boy my mom used to motivate me to learn scriptures by giving me pencils for every 10 scriptures. That has helped me a lot. The ultimate truth about rewarding yourself when it comes to motivation as a producer is, whenever you get tempted to. Buy a gear or some kind of service, make a goal in your mind. 

“I am not allowed to have my lunch if I don’t finish this in the next 1 hour.”

Having small rewards for each day’s work will go a long way in making sure, you don’t waste any time and you always stay in a track about what you want to achieve in your life. 

Rewards yourself is like a small victory, which will give you confidence that you can achieve no matter how hard the situation or your dreams are going to be. 

2. Invest in yourself      

  Whenever you feel like the graph is just flatlining, man you gotta invest in yourself maybe buying a course or even investing in a sample pack or even buying new gear. 

When you invest in yourself, you are actually making yourself accountable for working on it. It just happens subconsciously that you don’t want your investment to go to waste. It’s just a natural phenomenon. Music production can sometimes get lonely and finding motivation isn’t easy at all. Invest in yourself to learn and grow so that you can dream and achieve what you are supposed to achieve. 

Making a calculated investment will go a long way in helping you move further, even if the needle was idle for a while. 

3.Set goals  

  Oh Jesus, when I ask someone what’s your goal they immediately say they want to become a millionaire. I will ask them again what’s your short term goal and the same answer come out. This question has helped not from a motivation standpoint but in accompanying with motivated friends. 

Being motivated also means to have short and long term goals. This will keep you working towards and achieve it through sheer will power. 

When you don’t have a goal to work towards, you often give up in the middle thinking that you can’t go further which is actually a complete lie.

Don’t look high up the mountain at first, look at the small rock that’s in front of you and climb that one first.”

It’s easy to say hey I want this or I want that but setting yourself up for a goal by having a clear pathway of how you can achieve it will certainly take you closer to the goal than you think. 

4.break down your goals.      

  Breaking down your goals just means setting small targets so that you can move closer step by step. And achieve the big one. Breaking down goals has other effects on your work ethic as well. When you have a small goal to reach instead of a big one. You will Have the strength to understand and say that,

“you know what I’m going to crush this thing inside out” 

It will give you a sense of accomplishment in the process. If you don’t breakdown your goals it will put great pressure on yourself, because you will be constantly overwhelmed by the mountain you have to climb rather than the small rock that’s in front of you. 

Constant workforce thrown at something will sharpen you for bigger and better things that will lead to getting the best from yourself. 

5. Plot your progress     

If you haven’t done all those above, such as setting goals, breaking it down. Get started in those and once you start to get smaller achievements, plot your progress. As a music producer, you can do this in plenty of ways. If your goal is to reach a certain quality of standard in your music production then walk towards it and plot the progress of how much you learned and what’s the difference you see between a beat you made before 2 months and now. 

     You have to do this because it will be a motivating factor in pushing you further to work and move faster as a music producer.      

When I started this blog I wanted to help people who are in need of trying to get into music production it was hard at first to even start to write once I start to plot the progress. I was able to grind day in and day out. 

6.make your goals public     

Accountability is a big factor in achieving your dreams, it comes down to how motivated are you to go after your aspirations of being a music producer every single day. It’s going to be hard when you get started as you don’t anyone beside you. You don’t see any results. 

Making your goals public will yield you a sense of accountability to push yourself and chase things down easier. It will get you through the hard days of coming up with ideas in music production. This sense of accountability is highly underrated. 

If you are like me, who doesn’t like to do this and always want to work in silence and shock people with results, then share with just one friend or your spouse or someone you can trust who has authority to guide you. 

7. Fix your competition 

   Competition is a healthy thing to have because of the results it yields. When you fix someone as your competition you have something to work towards or even to catch up towards. The competition will bring the best out of you because your mind and your ego will never want to give up on someone else.

It will make you put the extra hour of work. It will make you take that extra moment to fix the mix, it will make you learn more in music production.    

   A healthy competition that is realistic to achieve can move you faster towards your goals. 

8.outwork your competition.  

  I am a big fan of Rock and will Smith because of what they stand for. They have a mindset that

” I may not be smarter, I may not be the talented one, but no one will outwork me ”   

That’s a powerful mentality since you are actually on a race against yourself. Where the fight isn’t between you and a competitor. The fight is within you. You stand to fight for yourself by putting in that extra hour of work among all pain, troubles, trails, and misery.    

    When I heard them say this, I respected them even more of how much they cared about their craft that they will give absolutely anything to be the best at it. 

9. Work as a Team    

 Accountability and working together can help a lot in motivating and inspiring your music production career as well. If you have someone who you can work with, who can also push you to be better, then the chances of you winning are going to be extremely high and the motivation that is going to come out of it is just amazing.    

Sometimes if you guys are working on the same project, teamwork can motivate you to achieve it together, efficiently, and faster than it is intended.  

 It will be hard at times working as a team and finding motivation, but if you have someone who can guide you, help you to follow and keep you accountable, take their hand and walk the walk. 

10.daily inspiration          

   I can’t stress this enough. You have to be willing to find inspiration daily. It can be through your way of producing music or through lifestyle changes or your habits. You have to find something to be inspired by to keep on at it and go for the golden egg.          

     The idea behind finding inspiration daily is the fact that it will make you get into the Grove of working for your aspirations without even thinking about it.

Inspirations can come from a variety of places which include watching someone make a beat, seeing someone rip the piano off in a concert. It can be anything unless and until it boosts you to perform.      

11.get a coach        

        Getting a coach may seem like a big task, but if you go through the process of choosing one who has walked the same path he/she can tell you exactly how the process will  Be and the pain that you have to endure to make it big in music production.          

        Even if you don’t want to have a coach, go for a consultation with someone who has made it in the industry and ask them questions regarding your doubts and they will help you to analyze your mistakes from a different perspective altogether.            

      When I started in music production I dint know anything about business or marketing, I sat with Mr. Mig also known as Maxx beats. He has produced a lot of amazing artists. He tore me apart by telling me the truth of where I was missing my mark. 

12. Have a powerful Reason        

         Why are you running for this goal that you have? , why should you be doing this? , is it really needed? or is it necessary?                  Are you doing it for your family? Who are you doing this for? 
                  These are some hard questions that will motivate you to keep at it, again and again, no matter how hard you fall.    

              My reason was that I have a mechanical engineering degree but I disliked putting in hours of work but was getting paid poorly. I wanted to replace it with what I love and something that can provide and make me happy and get me satisfied once I go to bed. Find your big reason it will play a huge role in moving faster. 

13. Never quit              

   This is one of those things it’s easier to say but difficult to follow. Sometimes it’s hard to keep up with what we have to achieve and feel inspired as well. But understand if you keep at it long enough you will win certainly. You will fail only when you quit.              

   The idea of quitting something comes into people’s brains when they think it’s not paying them back or it’s not gaining the results they are going after but the ugly truth is that they might not be putting in their blood sweat and tears to achieve it. Simple as that. 

Quitting is the idea of mediocrity. It’s not a real man’s character or behavior. You have to give your all in if you have to succeed. 

14. Think positive        

    Yes. The doubtful mind is always the root cause of failure. The moment you start to doubt your actions and your effort that you put in, that’s when you start to fail. That’s when your mind starts to play games with you to make you quit, make you lose interest and it will deteriorate the ability to fight.        

   Always think positive, always be optimistic about everything you do. I don’t and will never advise you to be overconfident. I will advise you cautious at the same time be optimistic that you can do whatever you want if you put your heart and soul into it. 

15. Don’t fear failure.  

  Quitting, giving up on dreams all these things start with a big demon who is behind all of these things. He is called fear of failure. It’s a deadly thing to have because it will cause depression and anxiety and make you question every move that you make. It will be so hard for you to even make a decision.  


      Slap fear on its face and walk with fire in your heart that you can do whatever you set your mind to.    

    You are never called to put your head down. 

16. Be dedicated        

   Dedication towards something you love and passionate about will not just certainly motivate you to achieve amazing and grateful things but also will equip you to be focussed on where you need to go and where you are at.            

One of the hardest things to do when working towards a goal is to be dedicated to put the work in and grind towards it. I promise you this, it might be sweat and tears now one day it will definitely pay you back multifold.      

      The idea of being dedicated not only allows you to focus on the goals but also helps you to think thoroughly throughout the whole process and get to the top in music production. 

17. Be grateful for small things  

         We often forget to do this at all. We forget where we started and where we are today. The paths and the pain we have endured to reach where we are today is just underestimated.        

   The skills that we have learned, the amazing things we have achieved, you have to be grateful for them in every way possible. It will humble us to value the efforts more and not allow the small victories to get into our heads. That’s the last thing we want to destroy us. 

18. Don’t forget your start          


We talked about why we should mark the progress. The reason is when you are let down you can go back to the drawing board and be like. Okay, I failed here but I have won in all these places and how can I win?.    

 When you don’t have a progress graph it’s hard to even have that motivation to get back to the drawing board.  

   Yes, it’s difficult c’mon keep at it. It’s worth every blood sweat and tears. 

19.Rinse and repeat    

     You should be always ready to rinse and repeat things when everything goes South. You also should be able to understand the progress graph and repeat the success formulas to achieve and be the best and double down on the things that actually worked for you.      

   It’s one thing to win it’s another thing to keep winning 

20. Be thankful       

    One reason to be motivated is to be thankful for all the health and wealth you have. It will give you strength when you are down. It will mold you to be a person of character.          

  Always remember the people who stood by you among all the pain and hurt and be thankful for them. 


       One of the core principles of music producer motivation is to celebrate. You have to celebrate when you achieve a small tiny goal. It will help you to focus back again so that you can come back and celebrate.        

     It can not be comprehended how far a human mind can think and what it can do. Go after your dreams and achieve them. 


Music production can do a lot to our lives we just got to keep fighting hard to win.

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understand this ,

Your sweat, pain, and hunger for winning will always lead you to your destination so don’t give up!!!

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