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How to create a Music Producer Portfolio?

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Presenting yourself in front of someone is really hard when you are a music producer it’s really hard to say to them “listen this is my music”. I had a hard time figuring that as well but it all fell into place when I found out that having a website is the best way to create your own this article, I will walk you guys through how to build your portfolio through a website.

Let’s get started.

The only website that I always advocate you to start is with is Namecheap.even though there are a lot of people who are offering these services Name cheap is the best hosting as well as domain service that offers the best customer service.

The process to set your website is really simple

Click here to create an account in Namecheap and it will guide you easily to set your domain name, hosting, and get your website started as well.

I have tried other hostings but they all are not that great when it comes to music portfolios.

Namecheap offers the cheapest rates in the whole market. once you get your website ready its time to add content

Let’s look at all the things that you should be including in your music producer portfolio

About page

I can’t stress this enough .you should have an amazing about page with at least 2000 words describing your come up and your projects as well as your collaborations.

It’s important for your clients to know about the work you have done in terms of music production and also to get to know you even better so that it develops trust and eventually more sales.

Websites without about pages are harder to trust .its even harder if they are trying to purchase a music production service from you .in these cases an about page makes all the difference in the world.

Don’t stress yourself on about pages as well just give a proper introduction and background of your story.that will help.

Contact form

The contact form is a must when you are working on a client basis and its essential for people to connect as well. I have made some amazing partnerships using the contact form. One of them was with the studio desk. They reached out to me and I was able to get an interview for you guys about their brand and serving the music producer community with their amazing desks.

Just like that having a contact form will ensure you getting their email address to promote your future products as well.

There are various ways you can insert contact forms on your website. I would always recommend convertkit, they allow you to run sequences of emails .convertkit is also free for your first 1000 email subscribers which are really amazing.

Service listing

Next, you have provided a listing of all the services that you offer along with the prices. if you can offer a demo session or something that can catch the potential customer that is amazing as well.service listing is very crucial in getting the first impression from the portfolio visiter.

They are going to stay may 4 – 10 seconds scrolling on your website.

make it count


When someone wants to buy a product or service form you the first thing they would do is that they will check if you are trustworthy or not.FAQ section has always been the place where you are answering the questions that are really valuable for them to make the choice of actually choosing your service.

Some common FAQs can be about your refund policy and about the security of their details.


The ultimate goal of your portfolio website is to sell yourself but at the same time make sure you are providing value for the person who is visiting your website as well.this can be in the form of a free sample pack or a free beat it doesn’t matter.

The value that you provide will change the whole perception of the person’s view on your website.

Keep hustling and treat your music production as a business.

If you are interested you can check my article on how to grow a subscriber list here

Hustle harder.

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