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Are Music Production Courses worth it?

If you look at the number of music production courses out there it’s just insane. Music production courses are sometimes comprehensive otherwise it won’t even have the proper information in them. The question “music production courses worth it” is not that easy to answer. Sometimes the people selling these courses are harder to trust and we always have this idea of is this money going to benefit me or not.

Have you had any experience with purchasing a music production course that promised so much but dint deliver? Yes well some way or form end up in such situations in this article I am going to give some tips on how to get courses that are worth your money and time. Let’s look at some factors that might make a music production course worth your money and I will provide you with links to find them as well.

Here are the five tactics to analyze any music production course,

Instructor credibility

Course price

Course value

Additional perks

Production quality

Instructor credibility

It’s the most important factor to look at before purchasing any course on the the person credible .can I spend my money on this. Does he have enough experience in this? These are some questions you have to consider before purchasing a course.

There are two types of instructors you can see on the internet

  • Experience-based instructor
  • Degree based Instructor

You have to understand what to expect from them as well. If you are looking for real technical knowledge then go for degree-based instructors but usually, these guys won’t have much real industry experience. If you look at an experience-based instructor he won’t be very technical but will know his stuff very well and will be able to tell you the experiences that he had which cannot be learned from any other sources.

The ideas you get from an experience-based instructor will be way easier to understand than a technical degree instructor. The practicality of a function can put together well by only an experienced instructor.

Course Price

The range at which people sell their courses today is insane it just runs from 20$ courses to even 2000$ courses. Are they providing value that is a question for another day because the online teaching market is saturated with pretending marketers trying to take advantage of people? These snake-oil salespeople are everywhere .they are ruining the courses of actual small experienced producers.

So what’s the optimal price for a music production course?

Well, it depends.

We have to look at it in two different sections

  • Beginner courses
  • Advanced courses

in the case of beginner courses, you don’t have to pay any money if someone is selling a beginner course for money just run away as fast as you can it’s huge spam. You can get all your beginner questions answered from YouTube .no matter which digital audio workstation you use you will always find an amazing starter guide as well as in-depth step by step workflow tutorials.

in the case of advanced courses, you can pay to learn. Even in that case, I wouldn’t recommend getting a 200$ course. you can get a heavy load of courses from skillshare in music production .its less than 10 dollars a month. The advantage is that it offers courses ranging from education to business and besides you also get music production. it has credible instructors who have real experience in the industry.

I have got the readers of music finesse with a 2 months free subscription as well. Click here to sign up to skillshare

Course Value

If you are going to sign up with skillshare then there is no question about the value you get. In case you are going for any other courses make sure you are getting enough watch hours of content as well as the topics are covered well.

One thing that I would advise is don’t use udemy. the reason being is you have to pay each time you purchase a course .all the course instructors have their course listed in skillshare as well. Why do you have to pay more.get the skillshare course and you will have access to all their content. if you just want one course go with udemy .if you are looking for multiple courses it’s better to go with skillshare in case of music production.

Additional perks

Some courses come with extra features that are exiting which include exclusive sample packs, guides, and even one on one coaching calls.

If they aren’t offering any of this you can take your time to look for other courses as well.

Production quality

Well, it doesn’t matter how the video production quality is, but you have to look at the audio it’s really important to check whether you can invest or not. You can do this by just looking at their introduction video.

You will get a sense of how well the audio production for the course is done.


it’s important to invest in your learning because it helps to keep stimulating the brain to improve and learn the ideologies behind every musical piece that are produced.invest in your career and start learning music production.

I still take courses on sound design to learn more about it.

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