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Will Music Production become outdated?

All the answers you might get for this question will either be a straight no or a yes.but is it that simple to answer ?.lets look at some factors that prove that music production is not going to be outdated anytime soon.

3.Crafting stories

I think these three are some of the factors that can’t be replaced by artificial intelligence or even anything that is trying to outdate music production.
Music production has come so far over the years that it has become a part of every musician.gone are the days where a single person was doing music production in a studio, today we have people producing music from their bedrooms.

the accessibility of music has a lot to play in this as well. Let’s look at the factors why music production cannot be outdated anytime soon.


Humans are made really creative both in expressing themselves as well as in making things happen in every aspect of the day today’s life by doing things that are unimaginable.the critical thinking capability of a human is unmatched.there is no way that computers even with machine learning be able to replicate this.

There are always theories about how artificial intelligence is going to takeover beat-making and some websites even made to get inputs and display a beat for you .yes its really a worry for some of us because all we want to do is make music which we love and get paid to do it.

already there is the competition like who is going to get the Grammys this year .yes computer area really replacing a lot of human jobs but we cant also ignore the fact that it has helped us to simplify our music production process in a lot of ways.

The ideas of the human mind to innovate and achieve things is exceptional and in the case of music production .there is a possibility that computers might be able to replace a lot of technical aspects of music production, which in itself is a good thing as it helps people to learn and grow faster rather than being blinded by or stopped by these technical aspects of music production.

The one thing that makes the songs memorable is the creativity that is poured into the song by the producer may it be a chord or a small simple delay that occurs on intervals to make them interesting. it’s hard to emulate this with a machine.

The creativity to mix genres cannot be anywhere in the future done by a machine. i don’t see that being done by a machine at all.its not at all possible. you might get versions of things but you will never be able to connect properly on a deeper level.


I want to raise a question “can music be replaced from our lives? “ because that will be the endpoint where music production might go outdated. the demand and supply play a huge role in this. one more thing to note in today’s world is that the songs are getting shorter and shorter and people are consuming a lot more content than the last 20 years because of the introduction of smartphones.

I believe that as long as the end consumer for music is humans you cannot replace music producers or music production. Computers or artificial intelligence will never be able to adapt to humans’ level of adapting to different situations.

Even though there are a lot of studies made on the human brain to process how all the processes are emulated it’s still a mystery of God’s creation.

Today we can see the rise of a lot of sub-genres in hip-hop and edm.that adaptability cannot be made by a system running on intel or mac os.
You have to totally ban music if you have to make music production outdated.

3.Crafting stories

Music production ties along with music composition in a lot of ways. music composition requires you to craft stories with music which in today’s time and day cannot be replicated by a machine. any piece of hardware that cannot connect with humans on a deeper level will always fail and the creation of the process of telling stories through music is one of those.

Stories bring the emotions out of people to relate and relish the experience while producing something that has no story behind it will never stick. as the saying goes,

If you have a convincing story you can even sell snake oil.

There is no day or in time this is going to happen the crafting of beautiful and jaw-dropping stories through music produced by our music producers will always be there.

Already there is a lot of artificial mixing and mastering tools. I suppose that there will be always tools to replace the technical aspect of music production.

The last point that I want to make is that the origin of music .music was not something made on earth. just like how the caveman found out about rubbing was made on heavens to praise god.

If there is one thing that I believe in that’s the fact that you cannot connect with music unless you have a really deep connection with god.
God crafted our stories in a unique landscape for each one of us.


I just want to put my verdict with absolute certainty that as long as computers don’t replace musicians they cant replace music production. The one way this might happen is when people lose the love for music and choose something else as a replacement.

That is not going to happen as music produces the highest dopamine in the brain. let me put it this way, music is like a pleasure drug.dopamine is a happy hormone .each time you listen to music you are actually getting drugged.

I read in a study about a particular brain surgery where the doctors couldn’t use local anesthesia because it would cause damage to brain cells so they made the person listen to music for 15 minutes and then gave diluted local anesthesia.

People are always going to speculate and create rumors and ideologies because that’s what humans do. When something is from man eternal source man-made objects can remake the same things exactly how they are made.

So music producers are not going anywhere and music production is here to stay.

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If you are starting your music production journey then work hard towards your goal and give your best in whatever you do. success will find you if you work hard for it.

Hustle harder.

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