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Top 3 Music Production Plugins of All-time!

music production plugins

When it comes to music production plugins, people always get overwhelmed by what they should invest in and where they should put their money. Which is no surprise because there is not just one plugin out there. The number of plugins for music production in today’s day and age is just staggering. I was recently searching for a distortion plugin. I just found out that I am in an Uncharted territory. It got weird after a certain point. There were too many plugins to even have an idea of where can I invest. If you are struggling with the same problem then this article is going to help you big time. 

The 3 music production plugins of all time are, 

  • 1.kontakt – Komplete 12
  • 2.spectrosonics
  • 3.Izotope

For some of you, this list may sound obnoxious and stupid when there are too many plugins out there, that can take this spot. But that exactly is my point. There are just too many plugins out there that you cannot even pinpoint and say, “Hey bro get this first”.

If I was your buddy then these are three plugins that I would want you to invest in because they make a great difference in the resources you have to produce and take your music to the next level. 

Let’s look at them one by one. 

1.Native Instruments – KoNtakt 

There are so many reasons that I love native instruments but one of them is the fact that they have this amazing sampler/ instrument plugin, Kontakt. 

It had two versions Kontakt player and Kontakt. The Kontakt player is a free version with a bunch of sounds you can try and the actual Kontakt is an extensive library of sounds that will blow your mind. Nah I’m not kidding it will blow your mind. 

Komplete 12 which is the current version of Kontakt just raises the bar in so many ways. whenever we want to buy an instrument we always go for the one with a special sound. Imagine you getting a bunch of high quality sampled instruments and even synths for a low cost than most companies out there. 

The one thing that differentiates Kontakt from other samples is the ability to integrate with other third-party sample libraries. They allow us to integrate other people’s work including drumkits, sound kits, samples, and loops. 

There are a lot of producers who are releasing amazing sample loop packs for Kontakt. 

It comes with over 50,000 sounds and 75+ instruments along with more than 650gb of instruments and effects. That’s a huge number to even think about. The first time I installed Kontakt, Man it took me more than a week to go through all the effects to even learn about what each one of them does. 

The quality is what stands out the most when it comes to Kontakt. The native instruments team always ensures quality. Kontakt has been used in movie background composition and even in a lot of hit songs. 

The value that Kontakt offers is just undeniable. Let’s talk about some of the instruments that stood out to me. 

Massive X – it’s a software synth that has been developed from scratch to provide amazing FM synthesis of sounds. It blew mind while using it. They redesigned the whole interface and everything. It wasn’t like, yeah we added that we added this. It is on a whole other level. 

Session strings – don’t know to program string parts? Well, Kontakt has got you covered. You have session strings which a sample library that comes with the package. It makes realistic session string progressions. All you have do is the modulation you want the best to produce and hold the chord in your midi keyboard. 

MIDDLE EAST, INCREDIBLE INDIA, DISCOVERY SERIES, AFRICA are some of the regional sample libraries that are added in Kontakt. 

The setup is simple and easy. You can use it from one harddrive. It is very much optimized for komplete Kontrol s series keyboards. 

There are various package deals available including the highest priced collectors edition and the starting Kontakt edition. 

 check it’s price in zzounds. 

I always promote zzounds because of the lowest price in the market as well as the 30-day return policy that they offer. They have amazing customer service than most of the other companies that we have in the music gear and vst setups. 

2.Spectrosoincs – omnisphere 

Spectrasonics came out with a massive sampler/synth with an amazing 14,000 soundbank called omnisphere. 

They released version 1 and then version 2 and improved it to new version one thing you can always count on them is that they will always have your back when it comes to updates and making their product more efficient and reliable. 

The things omnisphere can do is just incredible. If you are feeling lazy and you don’t want to sit and make a synth patch use omnisphere. They make it simple for anyone to use and take advantage of the patches and the amazing interface.

It’s not like you only get certain functions. It’s loaded with modulations and tweaking. The effects of pannel are something you will fall in love as soon as you get this. 

If you are an analog synth guy man they have got you covered as well. You can integrate all your synths will omnisphere and get double the value and quality that you will never get out of your other vsts. 

Omnisphere has even grown a huge fan base over the last few years. This 70gb synth/sampler plugin holds the highest bid when it comes to hip-hop and EDM. 

check its price at zzounds

3. iZotope Music Production Suite 3 Software Bundle

We looked at a synth, sampler, and let’s look at an amazing plugin for mixing and mastering.izotope has been an amazing mastering plugin that has incredible features for both mixing and mastering.

iZotope has mind-blowing tools for mastering, mixing, audio repair, and vocal production, and many more .lets look at each one of them.

Ozone 9 Advanced has tools for you to separate instruments from the mix and optimize the has smoother metering, and resizable windows which just makes it pleasant for the eyes.

R4 and nimbus are two effective reverb which produces amazing classic analog reverbs.

If you are looking for a modern way to mix you have neutron 3

The other functions that come with isotope

  •  – Celemony Melodyne 4 essential
  •  – RX 7 Breath Control
  •  – RX 7 Standard
  •  – VocalSynth 2
  •  – Insight 2

You can check its price at zzounds


Start with these plugins and you can expand as you go along.

Don’t give up on your work keep at it.

If you are looking for midi keyboards check this article

Hustle harder

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