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Music Production Starter kit for – 350$ – No Cap

music production

Let’s get one thing out of the way. Investing in music production is expensive.there is no argument in that .nobody can say that music production is cheap if they want to do it as a professional career. the real question is can you have a music production starter kit under 350$?

Yes, you can absolutely put together a list of items for music production that might help you in putting together your first music production studio.

A starter kit that has been put together with high quality recommended products that have propelled a lot of amazing music producers you seen on the screen today

I made an assumption that you have a laptop already that is good to use for music production.

Make sure you have these minimum requirements as well

4GB Ram

I5 processor

250gb hard disk storage

Considering this is the basic configuration that you have on your laptop, now let’s look at the actual products we are going to invest our money into.

The three things you need when you put together a starter kit for music production is

  • Audio Interface
  • Midi keyboard
  • Condenser Microphone

If you have no idea what these three things are don’t panic I will be going over each of them to explain what they do and why you need them in your starter kit while keeping your budget below 350$

Alright, let’s get started,

Audio Interface

Audio interfaces are nothing but external sound cards that are connected to a computer to convert analog to digital signals and vice versa. The reason why we have to invest in an audio interface for our starter kit is that the inbuilt sound card that the computer comes with usually won’t have the capability to handle music is meant to stream and watch media but not made for media production.

Audio interfaces are a very important piece of equipment that you should be investing in when you are starting your first year of music production. they allow you to expand quickly and progress faster in your work. Most people when they start to look for audio interfaces they get confused like which one to buy? Will this work for me? Will I be able to use this properly? Is there a learning curve associated with this ? is this investment worth it? In reality, you don’t have to worry about those things at all.

There are multiple ways you can pick an audio interface for your music production studio. my recommendation for a budget audio interface is Focusrite 2i2.its the only robust beast that is out there in the market that has earned the title as the “most sold audio interface in the world”.

When you are purchasing an audio interface there are a lot of things you must look into accounts such as your input and output requirements.theese are very crucial. Focusrite 2i2 comes with 2 inputs and 2 outputs.

You can check its price in zzounds,

We promote zzounds because of the 30-day return policy that they have and the amazing customer experience they offer to all their customers.

If you are interested in learning more about the audio interface check our in-depth article here.

Midi keyboard

There is an ocean of midi keyboards when you search for starter music production keyboards. they come with different configurations and various functionalities as well. the difference between a regular electronic keyboard and an actual midi keyboard is that in an electronic arranger or a workstation keyboard you will get onboard sounds, in the case of a midi keyboard you cannot expect that to happen.

midi keyboard

You don’t have to panic about which midi keyboard to buy in your starter kit because in the first year of your music production journey you will not be really using the functionalities of the midi keyboard it will be accessory to help you make the first year you will be learning the music production software called a digital audio workstation.

Midi keyboards are long term investments as well.they are not like audio interfaces where you can outgrow them easily. In the case of the midi keyboard, you can never outgrow and throw away your keyboard because if you are traveling this piece of gear is going to come with you.

Midi keyboards are controller devices that send signals to trigger software instruments and various functions.

The best entry-level midi keyboard that I recommend for anyone that is starting music production is the novation 25 key keyboards .it has everything you comes with knobs and pads to control multiple functions. if you are interested you can check my detailed guide for midi keyboard here

click here to check the price of mpk mini in zzounds.

Condenser Microphone

Having a midi keyboard and an audio interface is not enough when you put together a music production starter kit list. we need the vocals, at the end of the day, it brings the soul out of music and expresses it for the world to see and experience.

You should invest in a condenser microphone early on because of the ability to experiment and learn new things by recording and mixing vocals.

I would never suggest buying a combo product that you see on the websites because the quality won’t be up to par with the quality that we get from buying individual products.

The microphone I would recommend is the audio Technica at2020.its an amazing microphone that can take huge hits and even performs after that. if you want a product that will hold its value and also take things to the next level in your career then invest in audio technical at2020.

you can check its price in zzounds.

If you are interested check our in-depth article on condenser microphones


It doesn’t matter how you start your music production journey. maybe you will have money to invest in a starter kit and take it faster to the next level, maybe you don’t.

It all depends on what you are willing to put in to get better at music production.

Regrading gear my advice is that it’s not going to make much difference in the first year but having it helps boost your progress a little bit.

If you are interested check out my article on studio desks as well.

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