How to Pan in Ableton? Guide with Pictures

Have you ever come across the 8d audio videos on youtube? if so you have watched a guy panning the sound from one end of the audio space to the other. It’s something that popped randomly for the last 5 years and catching heat.

panning is a process by which sound in a virtual space is moved from one side to the other usually from right to left or left to right. this can be done in a digital audio workstation like ableton live and many others.

if you have a phone, just search pan sounds in your app store and you will definely find an app for this. this is not that hard to do at all.

so in this article i will go through why panning is used and how to do panning in ableton as well, lets get started shall we?

why panning is used in songs?

panning is an important part of the mixing process where you will move the sounds from the center of the mix to the sides say right or left. this allows the sounds in the center such as the kick, bass, snares, vocals to really shine through which results in a clear and crisp mix that captivates audiences.

it is the second step of the process in mixing after leveling the sounds in the track.

Ableton has various features that you can use to do panning as well. the regular pan knob is located in the audio and midi strips. you can also find the auto pan plugin in Ableton as well which is really a handy tool to really take panning to the next level.

How to use panning in a song?

The reason behind panning is to space your sounds properly to have clarity in the mix.

panning can be done by various methods in every Digital audio workstations.

How to pan in Ableton?

when you are in session view you will have these columns called strips. they can be either midi strips or audio strips.

the knob that is above the number that is in yellow is called as the pan knob. you can change the value either to the right or left to pan the sounds.

this is shown in the below image.


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starting music production might be hard as you ease through it and put in the time you will be able to master your craft pretty easily.

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hustle harder folks

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