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Are gaming PC’s good for music production?

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If you are into music production or not you will have a PC that you play games on. The moment you think to use that PC for gaming you will have this question that will this PC be good enough for music production.

Can the Specifications in this pc handle what I am going to throw at it? even if you are thinking to invest in a PC I think this article will give you clarification about Gaming PCs are whether they are good for music production or not. let’s get to the short answer,

Yes, gaming PC’s are good enough for music production because they have enough RAM and storage to handle the processing requirements of Making music.

Let’s look at three reasons why gaming PC’s are good enough for music production.

Robust built

Music production just like gaming involves long hours of work involved in it. If we are using a normal office PC it won’t be able to take the load that we throw at it because it’s not built for that.

The air cooling systems are not good enough to use them for a long period .this is the first reason why gaming PCs can be used to make music and compose for movies or short films commercials.

The motherboard and the components used in the regular old PC can’t take much heat as well.they just give up after a certain time limit with a windows blue screen(thankfully it’s not

on the other hand, gaming PCs are made to withstand long times of gaming and live streaming which takes a lot of processing power.

This is one of the main reasons why the built matters while you are selecting any PC. You have to look properly into the specifications installed as well as the basic requirements for your projects.

Made for performance

A computer may have the latest chipset, this and that if it cant give optimal performance continuously and it’s chocking again and again then it’s a big problem. I think this is where you find gaming PC’s excelling and beating the competitors in all spaces.

You can buy a gaming pc not worry about anything at all. It will last longer and provide all the required performance you need without any problems.
You will also get enough ram to process your sample libraries without any issues. people always ask this question like “is 16gb ram in a gaming pc good enough for music production?”

the answer is a definite yes.

16gb is more than enough to do music production in your gaming PC.lets talk about the hard disk there is a huge debate about whether you should have an SSD or an HDD .

in my opinion it depends on how much money you have left in your bank account. the one thing that I advocate whoever reading this is not to take credit loans for your purchases and buy it with cash. don’t fall into debt.


unlike other pc where everything will get outdated within two or three years you don’t have that problem with gaming PC.the specs are already maxed for performance and what you get is already in top quality and the investment is good for the next 5 to 6 years without a doubt.

One more advantage of investing in gaming PC’s for music production is that they can be upgraded and customized later if you want to change things .this is not possible in a laptop, even if it allows you to add an extra ram or hard disk it’s still limited .this is where I think gaming PC’s for music production is a huge deal.

There is a concern for people that there will be audio drops and latency issues in windows gaming PCs. the straight answer is the chances are very low and almost insignificant.

there will always be a small latency no matter how you try to counteract it. the people who usually complain about latency have zero knowledge on how to set the properties In their PC’s to work right.


Look at your budget and choose a gaming pc if you are looking for a home studio. if you are going to travel then laptops are your solution.there is no way around it.

My top tips for investing in music production gear are,

  • Always look at the value it offers
  • Make sure you have enough dough in your bank account
  • Don’t fall into debt

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