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What is a good microphone for pop vocal recording?


When everyone searches for a microphone they all go for the cheap 100$ microphone. If you are on a budget then it’s the best way to get started. If you are someone who is ready to take things to the next level you should always start with a 300 – 400$ microphone.

The overall best microphone for pop vocal recording is Shure costs around 400$ and provides amazing vocals with low end. This microphone is the first choice of most vocal recording artists all over the world.

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Let’s look at the 5 reasons why sm7b is a great pop vocal microphone.

1. price

Looking at its price most people will complain saying that it’s costly. They don’t understand how much value it brings to them.

The quality that we get out of smb7 is just amazing it’s not like the other microphones you get for 100$. It stands apart from all of them in a huge margin in terms of performance and capability.

Even though there are tons of pop vocal microphones out there, when compared to other microphone I always feel that for the performance that this offers it’s heavily under-priced.

If you are like me who just wants to invest once and have it for rest of your life then this is the pop vocal microphone you should be paying you attention to.

Shure smb7 is a microphone that has all the functionalities you might expect from a premium quality microphone. Some of you might also have a question, as a beginner should I be investing in a 400$ microphone?

My answer is a definite yes because it’s a one-time investment that is going to last for a long period of time.

It’s an amazing product to invest if you are a singer who is doing this as a full time career.

In my opinion, it’s the best investment I made.

2. All-purpose usage

One amazing fact about these microphones is that you can use these in any situation or on any needs.

This microphone has found its use voiceover, ADR, radio, and podcasting studios all around the world.

There are two settings that allow you to do this whether you want some baritone with some bass or a nice soprano this is the pop vocal microphone to go after.

No matter what your usage is smb7 is a must have.

This all-purpose microphone is the most demanded microphone in the last two years.

Investing in a microphone might be a hard decision to make at the start because you will always be skeptical of how it will sound. Every podcaster on YouTube has this microphone.

3. Dynamic capability

If a 400$ microphone can take a heavy hit then its Shure can record up to 180db bass drums and bass cabs.

Flat vocals or even with a low cut this microphone performs phenomenally in all the circumstances.
For a female vocal no other pop vocal microphone in this range is going to offer this much flexibility.

This microphone has been tested in various circumstances and dynamic some microphones when you over a certain limit it starts to produce noise and other unwanted artefacts’ that you wouldn’t want to have in your songs.

4. Suspension:

Most people think that this pop vocal microphone is simple to make as the other microphones available in the market. The design of this microphone is complex and has been field tested for so many years.

There is an internal suspension and shock mounting system. This reduces the vibrations to the maximum. This also avoids you from installing an additional shock mount.

It’s also made with an advanced electromagnetic shielding that reduces the hum and provides crisp vocals.

Usually in case of recording microphones you have to add a pop filter and a suspension mount an everything. Usually it looks cluttered and really painful to organise. Shure sm7b just eliminates these problems by adding a internal air suspension technology which is brand new to the industry.

5. Cardioid pattern

The cardioid pattern makes all the difference when it comes to its all the modern pop vocal microphones are nowadays equipped with cardioid pattern this beast Shure smb7 takes everything to the next level by providing everything all within a package.

The articulations of your pop vocal recording are recorded with ease in the cardioid pattern.

Cardioids also allows you to capture the complete dynamic capability of a pop singer. It’s the most preferred pattern in a microphone when it comes to vocal recordings.

This cardioid pattern along with its effective pop filter eliminates all the other noises to be ignored.

6. Design

The rugged design that this pop vocal microphone comes with is just phenomenal .this microphone will become any singer’s best friend because of its ruggedness And handling wear and tear.

Unlike other microphones that are being used this cardioid pop vocal microphone holds great value through its elegance in design.


shure sm7b

It’s a dynamic microphone with a frequency response of 50 – 20,000hz

Frequency response is nothing but the frequencies from a vocal performance that the microphone is able to deduct. It has an internal air suspension for the shock mount.

 There is a vibration isolator as well which reduces the external has a net weight of about 770 grams.

Its best known for removing the electromagnetic hum which most of the high end pop vocal microphones tend to suffer with.

It comes with dark grey aluminium enamel and a steel case.

It also comes with a foam windscreen.

If you are planning to Shure smb7b always get it from zzounds.I always stand by them because of the lowest cost they give the products in amazon and other companies always change their prices but in zzounds you are getting the true lowest cost.

  • Not just that you will also have 30 days return period as well. In case you dint like Shure sm7b you can return it.
  • Their amazing service is the reason why I always say to musicians to buy from a company like zzounds. The customer service is top-notch.

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When it comes to vocal recordings the quality of the vocals depends on the quality of the pop vocal microphone that’s recording it.

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as always put your head down and give your best .

I will see you guys in another post.


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