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How long does it take to be a pro in Music Production?

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Everyone has this same question when they start music production .is there a definite answer to this question? Let’s find that out in this article. I will go through every nuance that should be considered while we answer this question. I will also share my journey of how long it took me to be a pro in music production. whenever people try to answer this question they always end with the following words,” it depends”.i will give an estimate of roughly how long it might take to become a pro in music production.

An average person takes about 3-5 years to become a professional in music takes 7-10 years to achieve mastery in music production.

Let’s break down how a person can become a pro in music production. the following phases occur in a music producer’s journey.

  • Rookie phase
  • Rockstar phase
  • Revolution phase
  • Mastery phase

These four phases can be found in a music producer’s career. let’s look at each one of them in detail.

Rookie phase

It’s the first two years of your music production matter how many beats you can produce in this timespan, you are still a rookie since you have to be continuously in the mentality to learn and grow different aspects of music production.

I gave this phase a solid two years because of how much time people spend on producing music differs. But working two years will move one step faster in becoming a pro.

The rookie phase is constantly finding resources to learn, improve, and not a time to idle and think how can I make money off this instead it’s a time to improve your skill so that you can enjoy and have an income from music production.

For some people getting past the rookie phase might take even three years if they are not putting in the work .we have also seen examples of people having incredible hits within a year into music production.

Is it possible to make money in the rookie phase .yes it is possible and you can have a side income while you are learning music production it may not be much but it will help you to at least pay rent.

Some of the methods you can use to make money are by selling your beats and freelancing. There are a lot of ways by which you can make money online and even passively. Check out my article on is selling stock music profitable?

It must be a huge block to get through to produce your first beat but once you get through it .it will be significantly easier to make music and get your ideas to your digital audio workstation without an issue.

It might take a while to reach this level of expertise but if you keep with it long enough you will certainly reach there without a doubt. The rookie phase is where you learn how to produce all the genres of music.

Rockstar Phase

This is where everything gets fun .its the phase where you start to earn a bit of money for your work as a music producer. the music will also start to get better and better.this is between the 3-5 year mark where you should be learning about the music business to become an all-round music producer.
In this day and age, if you don’t market yourself in some way, it’s going to be incredibly hard to make any money in the music industry.

In the rockstar phase, you can experiment as well on music marketing and how else you can promote your music through the internet.

Two things will happen if you sit idle in this phase

  • The passive income from the beats you are making will also diminish slowly.
  • The drive to get to your home studio will also go down.

You have to be incredibly grateful for the work you have put in at the same time acknowledge the fact that you have to continue learning no matter what.

Some might get their breakthrough in the rockstar phase and make music production as their full-time income and for some of you, it might not happen right away.

It’s the perfect time to look back and access what is going wrong and in which aspect of music production you are not giving your best.

Taking some consultation is also a viable option at this point because sometimes we might not be able to see where we are going would require a third-person perspective to reach in and find out the nitty-gritty of where you are going wrong.

In this phase, you mighty not require to put in that much effort but you should not forget the small things that should be taken into account.

Revolution phase

If you have done everything right up to this point you should be making a substantial income from making music. Your music should have also gotten better by this will reach this spot around 5 -7 years.

If you have focused your energy on making music and actively promoting your work, this is where you will start to see exponential growth in your performance and income.

If you have not been earing any income even though you are putting in an incredible amount of work, now is the time to sell your experience and teach people who are coming up.

At this point, you can do consultations and take classes. Networking is something you should be focusing on, which will lead you to amazing jobs .attending events should be your top priority.

Being an independent music producer is hard but if you put your head down and work without complaining it’s going to pay you back.

Mastery Phase

This is where everything you touch will turn to magic. You will reach this spot when you are 8-10 years putting in the constant work day in and day out.
At this point, you would have reached your 10,000 hours as well.
If you have kept with this your competitions will have been worn out by now
One thing you will learn throughout this jout\rney is hat everyone’s path is different and each one of us has to do a different job in music production. The ones that keep up with it the longest through pressure and pain will come out shining.


It is not at all hard to become a pro in music takes time, effort, and patience. The only thing that matters is to be kind to one another while you are doing music business and take care of your clients properly.

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