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Are music production schools worth it? No Fluff

music production school

This never-ending question is in the mind of a lot of people who want to learn music production. has this question been answered properly before? NO.the answers we get on the internet for this question are mostly biased and don’t dive deep on the actual factors that influence the learning process. I was in the same shoes when I started music production as well.

I was searching for a step by step guides for music production but couldn’t find any. That’s when this idea crept in, should I apply for a music production school? Will be worth it?.here is the short answer.
It depends on who you are as a person.

if you are a self-motivated and research-oriented individual you don’t need music production schools. if you get distracted easily but want to pursue music production as a career then you need to invest in a music production school.

Here are my three reasons to analyze if music production schools are for you or not!

Are you self motivated?

This is a question you have to answer first before you even start learning music production. music production is like coding for computers but with a bit of fun.even though it’s fun and exciting you have to have your mind dialed in because it will be exhausting at some point. the use of plugins in music production and the use of various concepts in arrangement all come together only if you put in enough hours of production time.

Self-motivation is not about watching a small motivation clip of David Goggins yelling at your face or Gary Vaynerchuk calling you a loser. Its all about you thriving on your success .lets say you started to learn music production today .my question to you is “can you feed on the small success that you got on the first day and repeat this process over and over again.people misunderstand the whole concept of self-motivation. the source of motivation is you .your actions dictate how much you can push through each day.

Music production like any other art form is a long journey.its a marathon and not a sprint. if you are trying to put a mark like, hey within this time I am going to do this and that .its going to suck. if you are a self-motivated individual who can research and learn then music production school is no need at all.

you can learn more and optimize how you learn as you learn along. you don’t have to structure and align because your motivation will provide structure and stability to your drive of learning music production.

Do you get Distracted Easily?

This is one of the villains of music takes away your time, energy and you end up looking like a fool at the end. If this is you put yourself in a music production school.accountability is a big thing when it comes to immersing ourselves into something we love the most but also we get distracted easily.

I have been a victim of this many times. I would start working on a song and after an hour I would finding myself installing a new plugin rather than finishing the song. if you are a shiny object kinda person who gets distracted easily then I would advise you to go for a music production school. what I did for myself is that I asked my friends to keep me accountable.that helped me going with my grind.

It’s easy to get distracted when you don’t have a goal as will get pulled on all the sides by your brain. i had a goal on my mind that I want to do what I love rather than being a mechanical engineer. i took it upon myself to give my all in and worked on the took time but I was able to rewire my brain finally.

If you have the time and energy to self analyze .you can do this as well.most people think these are just stupid things. In reality, these are the most important behaviors that are going to drive you to success.

Can you keep yourself accountable?

When you go to a physical school all it does is keeping you accountable and giving you a set of structures to work within the first place so that you don’t deviate from music production at all. the reason why brought continuous learning to the table is that in music production you are required to learn continuously.

If you don’t expand your skills and work on each aspect of music production from mixing and mastering it’s going to cause a lot of trouble. One thing that I left out vocal mixing techniques. I had to spend time, learn to stay up to date as well.

If you find yourself not being accountable ask a friend or a family member to assist you to be accountable. your effort matters a lot when you are learning alone. if this is going to be hard for you but all you want to do is music production, invest in music production school.

Are you a self-learner?

A learning style affects your growth as a music producer as well. if you can learn easily from anywhere and don’t have to worry about having a proper structure then youtube and google are your best friends you can structure your curriculum and rock with it.

If you aren’t a self-learner and you want someone to walk you through the projects and the process of mastering music production then you should invest in music production schools.

What about Online music production schools?

Yes .online music production schools are good but they have to keep you accountable.thats where the problems come in. if you are attending a physical school you have more accountability because you are seeing the person face to face and your progress is also reported back to you.

This is the one reason why music production schools are worth it, other than that in this day and age all the information that we need is available on the internet we just have to sort through.


No matter which path you take it all boils down to how you learn and how focussed you are with your plans, if you are enjoying and treating it as a business then it will yield you great results.

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Hustle harder.

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