What programs do Rappers use?


There is a lot of software for music producers to make music and finish a song. When it comes to a rapper he isn’t a person who will be learning the ins and outs of music production software also called a digital audio workstation.it sheds light on the question which programs or software’s do rappers use to record their songs.in this article lets look at the programs that a rapper can use to record his songs.

  • Audacity
  • FL studio
  • Ableton
  • Protools
  • Reaper

First, let’s look at what are steps to be taken before recording the song in the digital audio workstation.

The beat that is produced by the producer will be sent in a zip file. sometimes it will have a single mixed down wav file or else a bunch of files called as stems. You don’t have to worry no matter what you get. We can work with it.

Once the files are unzipped we will import the files in the digital audio workstation program/software and set the tempo and the time signatures as well.

Once this is done you can set up your microphone and start recording the song.

Getting that out of the way let’s look at the different programs that are available for recording vocals and are used by rappers. The list is random and doesn’t come at me if you are a fan of a particular brand. I believe that everybody likes different things and everyone’s taste, the workflow is different so don’t judge people based on the DAW(digital audio workstation) they use.


Audacity is a free open source software that can be used to record and edit multi-track audio files.it is versatile that it can be used in windows, mac OS, and Linux. Audacity was founded by some volunteers in 2000 and it celebrated its 20th anniversary this year.


Recording with audacity can be done using a mixer or an audio interface and even can be done by directly connecting a USB microphone to your laptop or desktop computer. It’s made so simple to use which is the reason why many people use it for all their audio manipulations.


The export /import function that supports multiple formats and also helps to import multiple types of a file at once is amazing. Since its open-source software, there are a lot of third party modulations that are available for audacity.

Sound quality

The sound quality that you expect from audacity usually depends on the audio interface also called a sound card that you are using to process your tracks. Audacity Supports 16-bit, 24-bit, and 32-bit. Sample rates and formats are converted using high-quality resampling and dithering.


Most plugins can be integrated and worked along with the plugins that come along with the software.it allows you to write your plugin as well. Most plugin formats are accepted.


Some applications allow you to go 5 undo or 8 redo options in case of audacity it’s just unlimited. The cut, copy and delete functions are easily employed in the software which helps with the user experience.

You can download audacity here.

2. FL studio

Software that has a big following and has a huge audience is called FL studio. Everybody loves FL studio. The title tag of FL studio is “The DAW Every Music Producer Loves”.

FL studio is previously called fruity loops. It’s a music software company founded in 1997.so it has been around for 2 solid decades. It’s developed by a Belgian company called the image line.

I don’t have to go in detail to explain about FL studio because of two reasons.it has everything in it .it’s an all in one package music production software. Every function that you would want as a rapper to be in your music production software or program is available in it.

The amazing thing about FL is that they charge only a onetime fee of 199$ and after that, the software is free for a lifetime with updates.

You can get FL studio here

3. Ableton

Ableton Live is a music production company that focuses on live performance and today they are the only digital audio software manufacturers with a complete software bundle that can do anything from performing a song online to making hard-core beats in your studio.

This is a software program that will be easy to use for a rapper. Since the arrangement view is ultra-simple to use and a small 10-minute tutorial will get you started in recording the song without any delay.

I have been using Ableton live for a while now.it hasn’t ever been a problem at all. If you are in this game for a long time play gets Ableton.

There are three different versions of live software

Intro – 99$

Standard – 449

Suite – 749

Each version is an upgrade to the functions if you are a rapper get started with the intro version of 99$ you will never regret your decision at all

Get Ableton live here

4. Pro Tools

You can see this software being used by professionals in a studio environment. This is used by rappers who are signed by labels. Yes, you can get protools on your laptop and work with it .the reason, why it is used in studios, is because it’s the best recording software out there in the market.

Every digital audio workstation serves a purpose and in this case, pro tools are used along with the amazing mixing boards they offer to seal the deal in vocal recordings.

There are various versions of pro tools available. Their model is subscription-based. The base price starts at 29$ per month.

if you are someone who has the cash in hand and want to invest in the premium digital audio workstation,

you can get Pro tools here


Reaper is recording software being used by rappers all around the world it’s a favorite for some rappers because of the interface being built for recording.

It looks like a stripped-down version of protools .the interface is quite similar.

A commercial license for reaper will cost you about 220$

Click here to visit reapers site


It doesn’t matter which digital audio workstation you use to record your music production.it matters are you putting your soul and heart into the craft that you are creating.

Hone in on your craft be the best at what you do. You can always outsource if you have the money for it.

If you don’t put in the hours and you will see your work compound over time.

If you are interested check my post on condenser microphones for pop vocals.

Hustle harder

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