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How much ram do I need for FL studio?

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When you start to look for computers for making music or if you are wondering if the system I have is good enough for making music the first thing that everyone is worried about is the RAM. Most people don’t understand that music production is an intense CPU as well ram process. You will be using multiple GB libraries when you are producing music.

You don’t really have to be a computer geek to figure this out. I will walk you through the post to understand how much ram you need for FL studio and some other programs as well.

I will also be going through the other digital audio workstations that can operate on similar ram specifications. Let’s look at the short answer if you are in a hurry,

4 GB is the required ram for FL studio by image line .while 8 GB and 16 GB would be an optimum number for improved performance in music production as well as music composition.

This really has to be taken into account when looking for a music production computer. if you are using FL studio for the first time and you don’t know how much RAM FL studio will require you to have for optimum performance? Here is in this article I will walk you through the requirements and how ram actually works along with FL studio.

RAM also called as random access memory plays a major part in keeping the temporary times loaded when the digital audio workstation is running.

What does the image line say about RAM requirements?

Windows8.1 ,10 or later
Hard disk space4 GB
RAM4 GB and more
ARM processorsNot compatible

This is the chart that is given by the image line website regarding the minimum requirements for a computer to run FL Studio.

You can get FL studio fruity version here

You can get the FL studio producer version here

You can get the FL studio signature version here

DAW that can run on a 4 GB ram

Let’s look at other music production software that also will be able to run on a 4 GB RAM laptop or computer.

Digital audio workstationRAM (GB)


If you have a laptop or a pc that doesn’t have optimum requirements for running FL studio, your first investment in terms of music production should be a proper laptop. Don’t look for a midi keyboard or an audio interface the first thing you should invest in is on a properly configured laptop that takes everything that you through at it.

Even if the music production software says that you need 8 GB for optimum performance always go double the number to get smooth performance and also to future proof your laptop or PC for future upgrades.

If you have a laptop already check our posts on how to buy your first audio interface and how to invest in FL studio as well as there are three different versions of FL studio available.

If you are looking for Ableton check our post on the easiest music production software as well.

It doesn’t really matter which gear you have, your success depends on your ability to put it to work a hundred percent.

Hustle harder.

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