Is selling stock music still profitable?


Selling stock music is not looked as a fancy part of music business because of how passive it is.some people have question whether it is still profitable to do stock music sales.

Yes, it is still profitable to do selling stock music on websites.regularly updating your catalog may yield from 500$ to 3000$ a month from a properly maintained stock music portfolio.

Lets look at 7 reasons why selling stock music is still profitable.

  • The demand is high
  • a lot of platforms to sell
  • can be automated
  • completely passive
  • becomes an investment
  • complete control in pricing
  • no extra fees

1.The demand is high

The demand for royalty-free music or stock music is increasing because of the rise in the number of creators. The need for royalty-free stock music is increasing day by day as the number of projects undertaken by these creators are increasing.

This is significant from the recent digital media consumption as well. people are consuming so much content that content creators are looking for royalty-free music online. the funny thing is if they use copyrighted content they won’t be able to make money off of their content so the only solution for a person who doesn’t have musical knowledge is to outsource it.

They outsource music from websites that allow them to purchase and on a license basis. this demand has given way to a lot of music producers earning a ton of money from stock music licensing .the amazing thing is that the content is evergreen.if your music made once then it doesn’t have to updated .you just have to make the algorithm work for you .as simple as that.

Even game companies are looking for copyright-free music .if you know about superstarO.He had a catalog of 400 beats and a company bought all the beats from him for 3 million dollars.

The opportunities are endless when it comes to stock music licensing .people to make money in a lot of different ways. I have seen some producers contact influencers directly and sell royalty-free music to them.

2.lot of platforms to sell

When the demand began to rise for stock music licensing the number of companies in stock music licensing also started to increase in an enormous amount. these stock music companies just found the perfect solution for solving the need for royalty-free music. smaller companies suffered.

the companies with loads of money advertised to a lot of creators and they are making a big chunk. we as music producers can earn a piece of that when we submit our music to these companies. content creators can find our music through their catalog. when the creator purchases a license we will get paid.

Are these stock music companies unfair to music producers ?

Yes, they are unfair in reducing the royalty to reach a license and steal a big portion from producers. some producers find a way around this by marketing themselves. others struggle and sign up for these companies and sell on these websites.

3.can be automated

One of the advantages of selling music in a website is that it can be can upload your music once and the music will start to sell itself where you don’t need to put your hard work and sweat in promoting it all you have to do is to make sure that you have tagged the particular beat properly with the relevant tags.

even though there is a lot of discrimination among these companies in accepting music producers there are lots of companies that are welcoming and help music producers in their success.

Automation to release your music at any point in time just makes up for a lot of other problems you might face in distributing your music.people underestimate the value of selling stock music and they don’t even understand  how passive it is.

the more incredible thing is you can even sell music based on times of the year lets say you are creating some Christmas music you can sell them as well.

Has stock music licensing made millionaires?

Maybe hs provided that 500$ extra money for paying body became rich by one stream of income.having stock music licensing as a stream of income will help in a lot of financial needs.

4.Completely passive.

This is one of those things music producers dint understand at all when it comes to stock music licensing. if you have let’s say 50 stock music stems uploaded to a website then it will make money on its own you don’t have to force it on any means.the amazing thing is that the company will do the marketing.

5.becomes an investment.  

  The immediate question will be how does this become an investment. Well, the answer is that if your music is relevant to the time period it’s going to be searched and used in people’s videos and content.    

Let’s say you put your time to make 200 top-notch beats that are in 5 websites making 500$ per month. Even if you stop working on then. They will bring you the same revenue even after years to come. 

6.complete control in pricing 

 The main problem with most of these stock music companies is that they allow you to set the price but they will put a huge discount on the price you have set to make the customer buy the beat. On top of this, you will be sharing a chunk of your revenue to the music hosting website as well. 

 Let’s say you set a value of 100$ for a complete song with stems.

They will put a 90% offer and reduce the value to 10$. Then again you will get only 5$ since 50% will be taken by the company. The system is screwed up in a lot of ways nowadays. 

7.No extra fees

Some producers think that you have to pay a huge amount to even enter these companies’ websites to sell stock music. Which is completely wrong . You don’t need to pay them anything. 

All that you have to do is upload your music and provide your PayPal email addresses. They will take care of the rest. 

I think stock music sales are an amazing option for a beginner music producer if he/she is trying to make money on the side while pursuing their career. It brought money to me in terms of helping me upgrade gear as well. Never overlook on stock music Licensing I think it has huge market potential. 


If entering stock music licensing is on your cards don’t give up. Go straight in. 
You will get the reward for your hard work. 

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Hustle harder 

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