Can you upgrade from Ableton standard to the Ableton suite?

Ableton suite and standard are the two full producer version licenses available for music producers. Even though the intro version has some functionality we can’t consider it as a fully functional music production software by any means.

Upgrading your license means a lot as it just takes your career in music production as well as your investment in music production to the next level where you look at your music production as a business and take your decisions.

Yes, you can upgrade from the Ableton standard to the Ableton suite easily in your Ableton account dashboard. You will be charged on basis of the upgrade fee for the reach version.

In this article I will go through the functionalities Ableton suite has and the reason why you should Ableton suite as well. Ableton’s producer version is good enough for the first 3 years of your career as a music producer. You can take the step to upgrade after 3 years when you find that the resources and the plugins offered by Ableton live are just not enough for you to grow.

How to upgrade to suite version

Upgrading to Ableton is simple, if you don’t have any Ableton license you can get one here at zzounds.

Ableton live intro

Ableton live standard

Ableton live suite

If you already have Ableton standard login to your Ableton account where you authenticated your software and click on upgrade to get the suite version.

Specifications of Ableton suite 

Ableton Suite is the highest version of Ableton licenses which offers all the functionalities that are available in Ableton music production software which includes tons of plugins, sounds let’s look at each one of them.

Ableton suite comes with 5000 plus sounds which measure up to a total of about 70GB which is massive. You are also getting 55 audio effects and 17 midi effects.

Max for live is only available in the Ableton suite license. It Powers a range of instruments and devices in Live Suite, and lets you customize or build your own devices, change the way live works, and connect Live with the world around it.

The audio effects and the midi effects must be the biggest difference when compared to the standard versions because you will have a lot of high-quality software synths like the wavetable in-suite version.

5 reasons to get suite version

I will list my top five reasons why I would switch to the suite version in Ableton live license.

  • Outgrowing standard version
  •  need for new synths
  • Usage of max for live
  • Additional samplers and packs
  • Workflow improvement

Let’s list all these one by one, shall we!

Outgrowing standard version

If you are using Ableton for a while now, you might outgrow Ableton standard version as it has only a limited number of audio and midi effects. The suite version has almost double the number of midi effects built-in.

This is one of the reasons why you might want to upgrade and experiment with the Ableton live suite version.

Need for new synths

Ableton live suite version comes with so many amazing software synths that will blow your mind.

The first one that I have to mention is the wavetable which can be used extensively in bringing your software synthesis to life.

I wish Ableton stopped there. You have an analog synth with bass and collision which are used for mallet percussion sounds

Poli is a virtual analog synth designed for classic polyphonic chords and many more.

Use of Max for Live

Max for Live lets you do things that ordinary music production software wouldn’t allow you to do. It has advanced options to customize plugins and functions and create your own to make amazing music.

Max for live comes with a collection of devices that you can use.

You can find all your max for live questions answered here.

You will be able to edit plugins and add functionalities as well. it’s a versatile function that is new to the music production software.

If you want to build and edit max devices you might have to learn max programming which is available on the Ableton live website.

Additional samplers and packs

When you upgrade to the suite version you will have access to all the packs that are made to work with Ableton as well.

Some of these sample packs include beat tools and drum beat with thousands of sounds for your hip-hop and trap beats. Latin percussion, orchestral brass, and orchestral mallet are some of the other packs that come with Ableton live suite.

Build and drop, glitch and wash, drive and glow are some other electronic music production based plugins that are available in Ableton live suite version.

You will also have access to session drums club, session drums studio, session drums multi-mic, and drumming essentials for the rhythm building in Ableton live.

Workflow improvement

You will find yourself using a lot of inbuilt plugins rather than going for third-party plugins which will significantly reduce your time when working on a project and the workflow will be faster as well.

When all functionalities for software synthesis are inbuilt in Ableton it provides an opportunity to perform various functions quicker using the racks, chains, and while track saves.

You should see a definite improvement in the workflow as soon as you upgrade.


No matter which software you are using which license you hold an investment will be successful if it brings value in the long term as well as in the short term

While looking at Ableton live suite version, it will give you a sense of interest and to start working on music production, in the long term it will serve you with additional capabilities for expansion.

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Hustle harder folks.

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