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studio desk coupon

Hey if you are looking for a studio desk coupon code here it is


Is it really 50% no it’s not, I had to click-bait you guys to pull you in.

Are there any 100$ coupons like the other coupon websites are pretending to be?

NO!! I have talked to the studio desk CEO and the maximum discount they offer is only 3% but we are an exception.  All music finesse readers who use the above code will get 5% OFF in all their purchases from the studio desk website.

All the other coupon sites that you find are really fake. You can also check our interview with the studio desk CEO here.

Studio desk offers variety of studio desks ranging from small beat desks to even enterprise level desks for professional recording studios.

Let’s look at some of the desks offered by studio desks

Xtreme Desk

if you are looking for an electric standing desk then this is your best bet. you no longer have to sit and break your back. you can stand as much you want and work on your desk. This desk offers you that flexibility.


Use code “MASLIN” to get 5% OFF from your order.

Beat Series

This is an extraordinary desk if you are looking for desks in clean minimalistic desks. I was really fascinated by this when they announced this model once I saw the renders man it’s amazing.

Use code “MASLIN” to get 5% off from your order.

Proline Classic

This is a huge desk for a big recording studio, looking for one check this one out. Proline classic is for a business owner not for a  hobbyist. That’s all I have to say.

Use code “MASLIN” to get 5% off from your order.

Virtuoso Desk

This is a elegant desk that combines amazing value

Use code “MASLIN” at check out to get 5% off from your order.


Don’t get fooled by the other coupon companies they don’t work

In the mean time check our other article on music production desks.

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