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Can I sell music made with FL studio?

When you start to make music it’s just really us having fun and experimenting with the digital audio workstation also called the music production software. These dynamics shift once you start to get good at the skill and the love for making music starts to … Read More

Can you stream your music to make money?

I am glad that you asked this question. Streaming is a major income for most artists nowadays. Even the success of a song is determined by the number of streams they get. Streaming numbers are usually calculated by distributors like distrokid, ditto music. They calculate … Read More

why music producers need a logo?

Every brand that we see in the world nowadays has a very prominent logo attached to it. Even if people don’t remember the brand name the brand logo just sticks to their mind. Even if that was the case how does it affect the brand … Read More

Is selling stock music still profitable?

Selling stock music is not looked as a fancy part of music business because of how passive it is.some people have question whether it is still profitable to do stock music sales. Yes, it is still profitable to do selling stock music on websites.regularly updating … Read More