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Which version of FL Studio Should you Buy?

fl studio

It’s really exciting to know that you are into FL studio. In my opinion, if you want software that has an easier learning curve then FL studio should be your choice. I started in FL studio but I had to leave because I was always a live stage performer. FL Studio has been a part of my career in music production as well. When you look at this question which version you should opt for in FL studio. There are two main things you should look at.do you need the additional stuff that has been added to the new version? Or does the old interface and workflow is what you like?.

These questions will give you a great perspective on what you need for your workflow. If you are new to FL studio go for the newest version, it’s the ideal way to get started with FL studio. I have people who tell me that FL Studio 12 was the best version that they came up with. Since I moved from FL years ago I can’t give a specific answer for that .what I can answer is which version of FL studio you should get no? Here is my short answer,

If you are starting to go with FL STUDIO 20.7.2 which has been released on the 20th of September 2020.if you want the most voted and customer appreciated version its FL STUDIO 12.

FL Studio has four main versions at varying price points. If you are trying to download other versions of the program lets look at them one by one,

Fruity -99$

This is an entry-level music studio setup you get for 99$.it’s not a bad option at all if you are a newbie to music production. If you have some experience in sampling and making beats this is not the version for you. Instead of stating what it has let’s look at what it doesn’t have.

You don’t get Edison which is the best audio editor in FL studio. You only get time stretching in audio tools. Maximus and transient processors are not available as well in this version of FL studio. You won’t get the audio clip generators and you cannot record audio directly into FL studio. In the case of synths, you are missing on Morphine, Ogun, Poizone, Sakura, Sawer, and Harmor.

You like the gross beat, dude you are not getting that here.

These are the only things that are not available in the fruity version. If you are okay with this you can start with fruity by clicking the link here.

Producer -199$

This is a full song creation bundle that they offer. This is the most popular version of FL studio that has been downloaded multiple times. The FL studio website states that it’s getting downloaded about 30,000 times every single day. The price is not too expensive as well. Just like the previous version let’s look at what we don’t get in the producer version of FL studio.

We will be missing the new tone time editor. The transient processor is also not available for the producer version. We don’t get the hard-core effects for guitar amps as well. In the case of synths, you will be still missing Morphine, Ogun, Poizone, Sakura, Sawer, and Harmor. Just like the previous version gross beat is not available.

My recommendation for you would be to get the producer version because it’s the best value for the money you spent on a digital audio workstation.

Click here to get the producer version.

Signature – 299$

Now we are in a different league of players .we are getting all the effects and plugins in this category. The only thing you are missing in the signature version is the advanced synths. You remember the list I gave you on all the previous versions, yep they are not yet available in the signature version.

If you have some money to splurge you can get this signature version of FL Studio

Here is the link for the signature version.

All Plugins Bundle – 899$

Includes every plugin that is available in the FL studio environment .the long-awaited synth plugins are the only add ons to this version of FL studio.

If you have quite some money to splurge and get the sweetest of the FL versions you can get this by clicking the link here.

Why choose FL studio? 

If you are trying to buy a premium version of the software and you don’t have much money in your hand then FL Studio is your best bet. This is because of two reasons.

It has an option for every budget range that you belong in.no matter how much money you can spend on this you have an option.

The next thing that you have is “UNLIMITED LIFETIME FREE UPDATES

Do you know any other Digital audio workstation providing this?

I don’t this so.

I will always recommend the producer version of FL studio to start with .it’s an amazing investment that you can make for your production career.


No matter what version of FL studio you go with it all comes down to how much effort you are putting in to further your career.

Always focus on the grand price of making beats and songs daily.

Invest your time in the new digital audio workstation.

Learn more and grow along with it.

If you are interested check our article on midi keyboards.

Hustle harder.

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