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What can you do with Ableton?

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If you know anything about music production and music production software’s you would have heard so much about Ableton live. If you are figuring out what you can do with Ableton in this article I will go through all that you can do with Ableton.

If you are in the trenches like once I was to figure out where to start and how to go about music production, you are in the right place.

I started music production with Ableton; I have tried FL studio and pro tools. I have to say that Ableton is the all-around digital audio workstation for music production. The reason is that you can perform live using Ableton live while it’s not possible using FL studio and pro tools. They are good at production and are quite the powerhouses as well.

Ableton can do a lot starting from music production, beat making, music composition, and audio editing. It’s also used to perform live in concerts and DJ’ing.

People who are starting with Ableton might say that the first 10 days are the hardest to work with Ableton because of the interface. Once you get used to the interface you will have the best and fastest workflow than other digital audio workstations.

Digital audio workstation

There are a lot of digital audio workstations out there but the only way you can find out which digital audio workstation will work for you is to watch a bear making session in every music production software.

Even nowadays artists are starting to learn how to produce music and most of the top hip-hop artists are music producers.

If you are interested in producing music choose one and go all-in on it. some people take 2 months’ research of which digital audio workstation they want to use and then they take 2 months switching one to another while the whole time they could have mastered the software they started.

There is no best music production software each one does the same thing quite differently.

Making beats 

I started to learn Ableton because I wanted to make beats. The more I started to use Ableton I understood that I could do more with it than making beats. The first month was all about navigating through the software and trying to learn what each knob and slider does.

As I started to make beats in Ableton, I started to develop a lot of templates for it. When I looked at other producers who are using FL studio and logic, I saw how big of a difference Ableton had in terms of making the workflow easier.

If you are someone who needs to produce a lot of beats in a short amount of time then the only way to go is to use Ableton because it gives you the ability to eliminate every other unnecessary work that you may do during the beat making.

Music composition 

Once I moved from beat making I started to a lot of stock music licensing where I had to compose music based on moods. Usually, logic and pro tools are attributed to their capabilities for composing music, but Ableton dint lack anything at all.it was amazing while composing music for a video and I was able to use the full potential of the arrangement view once I immersed myself into it.

The other thing about doing music composing through Ableton is that it’s able to export in multiple formats and able to import multiple formats of video.

If music composing is something you are interested in, check out Ableton live.

Audio editing

I want this section to be geared towards all content creators may it be a YouTuber, podcaster, and filmmaker. If you are doing any kind of audio editingI would recommend you use Ableton instead of using adobe audition.

This is mainly because of two main reasons,

The ability to do complex projects without any issues and to scale yourself into sound design as per the project.

The ability to import your music for visual reference which is possible only through Ableton live.

How to get Ableton?

There are three versions of Ableton that you can use and purchase a license, they are

The introversion is good enough for content creators who do a little bit of editing. The standard version is for music producers who are serious about music and want to expand as the music business. Suite version is good for music producers who want to do advanced plugin programming and loves to use max for living which an amazing tool is provided by Ableton.


There are a thousand things you can do with Ableton which depends on what you need it for. No matter who you are reading this I would advise you to learn Ableton and invest in the software.

You will learn an amazing hobby of making music.

Making music for me has done so much.

If you are interested check this article I wrote on tips for music producer motivation.

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Hustle harder.

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