What is the Easiest Recording Software to Use? 7 software’s Dismantled


There are so many different recording software’s out there today that, almost whenever someone goes looking for software it really confuses people and I was on the same boat once as well. The only thing that put me into my senses was when I finally understood what to look for in recording software and if it’s going to easier to work with as a newbie and as a long-time producer.

Recording software’s determined how effectively you can do your recordings in each session. If you don’t choose recording software wisely, you might end up with something that’s not up to par with what you need for your requirements.

Bottlenecks are common in music production. They may happen due to a lack of knowledge or equipment. It’s better to avoid them from the start. Choosing proper recording software that is easy to use is very important.

In this article, I will walk you through different software’s which hold lots of value for different reasons and even help you to choose the right choice that will work best for you. Let’s get started shall we,

Ableton Live is the easiest recording software to use which is a professional digital audio workstation. Ableton live records at high quality and gives you tools to work with when adding effects to your recordings as well. You can get an Ableton license for 99$ to get started in the recording.

Let’s look at various recording software’s and their advantages,

Ableton live 

Ableton Live is a reputed digital audio workstation as well as recording studio software that can be used to perform multiple functions in addition to recording vocals and instruments. When you consider software that is easy to use and has enough features to explore our creativity, Ableton is all that comes to mind.

You have to pay a small amount to get started with Ableton, but it’s worth every penny that you spend. Ableton live gives you the option to export your files in multiple versions and edit them together with the new introduction of multiple-lane comping as well.

The standout feature in Ableton for arrangement and performing the recorded song will give you more than enough features for the investment as well as might even propel you to start producing music and releasing songs faster than ever.

You can get Ableton live lite here.


if all you have to do is a voiceover, you don’t have to worry at all. You can choose audacity which is easy to use when compared to all other software in this lineup. When you compare the quality, it suffers in a big range when you throw down big names like Ableton and pro tools.

Audacity is trying to up their game but still, their interface looks like it’s from windows 98.

If you are looking for a choice that’s easy to use at the same time would be able to record quick short samples of audio then audacity is your best bet. Also if it’s a one-time use choose audacity don’t waste time losing your mind over the other software’s.

A lot of people choose audacity as their first recording studio software because of how simple the interface is to use. You won’t have any problems getting to know each function and learn the basics.

There are so many things you can do with audacity. You can even export your audio in varied formats, with track information. These functions are usually not available in some popular recording software.

It’s easy to use and to get your hands on. you can download audacity free from their website. If you want to export mp3 from the software you have to download a driver from the audacity website as well. which is the only problem you will experience and everything else will be awesome to get started with audacity.


This is one such software where you think it can’t do anything special but will surprise you with its incredible capabilities of recording both vocals and instruments. The loop record systems for vocals are adored by people and are most preferred by film composers.

Cubase is used by professionals for film scoring extensively. You can see this software being used in composting environments pretty often. The sample library management is what stands out the most in Cubase. Even though sometimes it’s regarded as the software for film scoring it’s used extensively by beatmakers as well.

If you are starting music production and recording vocals you can get the Cubase LE version which will allow you to use about 16 audio tracks and 24 midi tracks. The notable function is that Cubase LE can record up to 8 tracks simultaneously.

Cubase has a wide range of studio production abilities that can boost your learning curve in programming music for videos. This is a hard thing for people to do in various software. When you start with Cubase you will have an easier time understanding and working through the software to make awesome music.

FL studio

This legendary software is backed by a lot of beatmakers for both recording instruments as well as vocals. Except for the fruity version of the software, every other version allows you to record internally into the software.

If you want to record short samples you can use the Edison plugin which comes with the FL studio producer and signature edition.

The Edison plugin has a time limit on how much it can record based on the internal memory that you have available on your device.

FL has occupied the hearts of a lot of beginner music producers because of how simple it is to use. It will help you to understand how far you can push your music production software to get the sounds you want. It will also help anyone who is starting in recording to get their initial start without any hiccups.

FL Studio is also a fantastic tool to get your ear trained on how to use various tools in the software. The interface of this software will help you to get involved and entertained at the same time which you cannot expect to form some of these advanced digital audio workstations.

If you are interested you can get the FL studio producer edition here from zzounds.

Pro tools

this advanced software is always praised for its abilities to work through in film making projects. It used to score music for films and also used in mixing studios to work together with avid audio mixers in a recording studio.

Pro tools are advanced software that has cloud connectivity to collaborate with multiple people remotely at any time of day. Pro tools use amazon cloud technology to save its projects and make it to be available for you anywhere and anytime.

There is no fear of losing the files in pro tools. You will always have your backup. Even though there are so many advanced things that can be said about pro tools.

The most important thing that it can do is record amazing vocals and instruments. Pro tools is made for recordings and you can find them in almost every recording studio.

It holds a high reputation among a lot of producers. The ability of pro tools to handle multiple files and at the same time produce amazing music attracts people. The interface is really simple when compared to a lot of other recording software.

Logic pro x

Software that was made for MAC users as an advancement from the garage band. There is always a debate about how apple has to upgrade the garage band into a complete studio recording suite instead of logic pro x.

If you are using a mac you can start with garage band as your initial recording software. If you want to upgrade to premium gear you have to look into logic pro x. this takes away a lot of hassle in the recording. When you upgrade your other equipment, logic will stay up to date.

The interface is striking in logic pro which makes it ideal for its users to have no learning curve.


The most underrated recording software that can be very easy to use is a reaper. It has a simple interface that can be helpful in recording sessions. Reaper will help you work through your mixing projects as well. Reaper is used for a variety of purposes including film scoring.

Reaper is used by various professionals in the industry and also is praised for its ability to control and work through samples.


if you are getting started with recording music, don’t get overwhelmed with which one to choose, select a reasonable one and get on with it. As time passes you will understand how to use them effectively.

If you are interested check out courses on skillshare which are taught by professionals here.

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Hustle harder folks.

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