What makes a music producer good? industry expert answers

This is the most common question asked around in the industry and the answers are always like he should have this amount of experience and this amount of projects done already. No answer states about the qualities of a music producer to stand out among the crowd. No one is talking about the advancements that can be by working on oneself, which makes the music producer the best to work with and hired over and over again.

If you say that talent or skill is all that matters. You have no idea about the industry. Talent is respected but it’s not preferred. People prefer people not talent. Keeping that in mind in this article I will go through different qualities that actually can make or break a producer in terms of his success.

7 Qualities of a Good Producer

  • Humble Hardworking
  • Organized
  • Well-spoken
  • Knowledgeable
  • Gives more than he Receives
  • Loves people

Let’s dissect them one by one shall we,


People who aren’t humble are my biggest turn off in the music industry. The ones that brag so much never reach anywhere. If you are always about yourself and never want to acknowledge anything else, you will be thrown to the sides very soon. I have seen this happen so many times.

The people who are hired over and over again are the humbles ones who care about the craft and are not pig-headed about their achievements at all. They have so much gratitude for everyone’s work.


This is something you should 

be working on yourself. If you struggle to be lazy and not working hard then take your time to analyze why it happens. I was struggling with this as well and I found out that my lifestyle was the main driver of this problem. The moment I changed my lifestyle around going to the gym and putting in extra work things started to shift. I changed from being a loser to doing some great things.

People love hardworking individuals, I think they love them because it adds value by being associated with them. Hardworking people are really attractive as well.


Be organized people!!!! If you are not using a google calendar you are missing out so much on the organization. There are a few apps that I would suggest you use as well. The notion is one such app that makes me fall in love with the organization that it has.

I was able to schedule all my work properly and be organized because of that single app that I installed on my laptop. If you are struggling with organizing your stuff then I would highly suggest using notion. It changed my life.

An organized person would be able to return the projects in time and earn the respect as well.


Nobody wants to work with a guy who says “yo yo yoyo yoyo yoyo” 100x times. Stop with the slang words, your swag, and talk straight. You don’t have to act cool to be work with. Be well-spoken and able to communicate the issues that you might face in the production.

That’s what moves the needle not the “you feel me” s***t.

If you are struggling to please get a speaking coach some people are willing to help you for less than 10$ for an hour. You will improve so much.


If you don’t know about something in music production invests in a course and learn about it. Don’t act as you know it and get embarrassed by someone on the topic. I always suggest having a skillshare premium rather than a Netflix premium. You can get one here for 14 days free.

People like smart people .a knowledgeable person will appear more talented than the one who is a show-off.

Gives more than he Receives

I can’t stress this enough! You have to give more than what you receive. Let’s say you get paid 10$ for a low beat. Give the guy an extra beat and say it’s exclusive for him alone. You will put a smile on his face. This is one a very small level, when you have this attitude to give more than you receive you will be able to do things that other people can only imagine because you will have grace in everyone’s eyes.

Loves people

You are not fit for music production and even for life if you don’t love people. In the music industry, you will be able to work from an Asian to a Caucasian. If you cant treat them with respect and love, you are not meant for the industry.

If you can love people no matter which color they are, which country they are from, and which race they belong to, you will be the most attractive person. This is something that makes a producer good.


 In the end, I want to leave you with this, I don’t matter how you are now. If you can take small actions to change yourself and move the needle one day at a time. You will be able to achieve incredible things.

Character and integrity play a major role in structuring our life more than the efforts we put into our business. It determines how well we do with it rather than the other 80% of the things that we do in business.

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Hustle harder folks

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