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What’s better Pro Tools or FL Studio? full comparison

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There is always this debate about which software is better for music production. Two software that comes to the surface are FL studio and pro tools. Usually, the question comes from beginners who are trying to get their feet wet in the game of music production. Both FL studio and pro tools are powerful in their aspects and cannot be disregarded as useless or of lower grade by any means.

Both fl studio and pro tools have a large number of users and they rule in different areas of music production. People try to put these software’s head to head and often forget to realize that they are made for very different purposes even though they can do the same things.

In this article, we are going to look at both pro tools and FL studio from the perspective of what they are good at and known for.

Pro tools and fl studio excel in different aspects of music production. Pro tools is good at recording vocals and for scoring films whereas FL studio is good at making beats. Even though they both can do almost every function in music production, they are mostly used for their strengths by professionals.

Let’s dissect this thing shall we,

How good is pro tools?

The most used software in a recording studio is pro tools. Whenever you go to a recording studio you would almost always find them running everything on pro tools. The audience who uses pro tools is also very different. Only professionals use pro tools and it’s used for film scoring and mixing and mastering of songs.

The application of pro tools starts from mixing songs at studios and it extends to collaborating in cloud platforms to work on scoring a film together with multiple studios at the same time. This makes pro tools to stand out from all other digital audio workstations out there.

When you look at the specifications of all the digital audio workstations they are all mostly the same other than some differences in their tools is the product of company avid. Avid has so many hardware products like mixing consoles for studios. This makes the integration with these hardware products more seamless.

There is a great opportunity for anyone to learn pro tools because of a version released for free called pro tools first. Pro tools first is a free license with some restrictions which allows you to learn music production very efficiently because it offers more in comparison to other software like FL Studio and Ableton Live’s demo version.

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How good is FL studio?

FL Studio is known for its ability to make beats faster and made popular by a lot of hip-hop producers. Fl studio comes at a low price as well when it comes to the license prices. Fl studio offers a one-time price with lifetime free updates whereas due to the cloud options and the premium collaboration options with pro tools you would require to spend more than what you would normally spend for FL studio.

FL Studio is also known for the easy user interface for beat making with the pattern-oriented approach. This allows the beat makers and producers to hone in on their craft. If there is one thing I can say about FL studio, then that would be how passionate the producers are when it comes to FL studio.

 The features and functions that fl studio is introducing in the last two years have pushed its reputation from being an underdog to the premium league. if you are interested in getting FL studio to check the below links.

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The main difference between the FL studio and pro tools

Both fl studio and pro tools are used for completely different purposes. Each software dominates in different audiences. if you look at the people who use pro tools, it’s mostly people who are making film scores and mixing 100 track projects with analog gear. if you look at the people who use fl studio, it’s mostly people who are making beats and beginners who are getting into music production.

The reason why we can’t compare the functions when it comes to fl studio and pro tools is the fact that they are completely made for two different audiences.


it doesn’t matter which software you use. The only thing that holds value when it comes to making music is how much time you can put in to perfect the craft of music production.

You cannot argue whether this is good or that is good when it comes to both fl studio and pro tools. People had used both the software and made hits.

Invest in your craft and start your career. This will help you to be committed to music production and take your journey in making music to the next level.

If you are interested check my article on why fl studio is the best DAW and the article on why pro tools is the best DAW.

Hustle harder folks.

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