Which is the latest FL Studio version? newly released**

Fl studio is highly celebrated among producers for its user experience and the ability to be used as a music production software no matter which genre you are into. although fl studio is known for its lifetime free updates, people were waiting for the new release that was promised in the blog.

FL Studio has launched the latest version of its flagship music production software, edition 20.6.

This comes packed with a lot of amazing features that will blow the minds of people who are looking into music production. The design has been revamped with additional features and the software looks like a beast when it comes to making beasts.

FL Studio 20.7.3 is the new version of the FL studio that was released on 26-10-2020. It comes with a lot of minute improvements to the workflow and interface.

Let’s take a deep dive into what we get with the new edition

New edition FL studio 20.7.3

The new edition comes with so many features lets list them one by one,

  • In the playlist, there are unique options to create and edit clips.
  • There is a new option that is added to consolidate the playlist groups.
  • The Start Point and Trim Edits are now preserved by holding (Shift) when using the ‘Clip Menu > Select source channel’ function.
  • Channel rack shows when an indicator of a plugin is to be inserted in-between them.
  • Changes have been made to how to unlock the FL studio trail into a license.
  • FL Studio is now able to show a file size warning if the file size is larger because of Edison recordings.
  • The CPU percentage column is moved closer to the plugin name.
  • Added batch export to .zip file to the command-line options. Allow a single file instead of a folder for MIDI export.

Updated editions

There were so many beta updates that were released before the final 20th version update.

This includes the beta update fl studio 20.6.

  • It started the update with a step sequencer which helps to make different patterns of beats using audio clips.
  • The new tone plugin was split into new two plugins.
  • The addition of Audio Export allows users to render their tracks straight to their SoundCloud accounts and the DirectWave function now supports FLAC files.

Where to get fl studio   

You can get your fl studio license from zzounds. Fl studio has three different licenses based on available features.

Get fl studio fruity version here

Get fl studio producer version here

Get fl studio signature version here    


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Hustle harder guys.

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