Why is Ableton expensive?

Anyone who is entering music production if they have done their research would know that music production is expensive. Music production will drain your wallets easily if you are not careful with it.

Starting from midi keyboards to audio interfaces everything has a higher price written on it. The barrier to entry is a bit high if we have to be honest about it. If this was the case for hardware products, now we can see software products like plugins and digital audio interfaces also seem to go higher in their prices.

It seems like people who are even in the middle class can’t afford this stuff. Let’s take a step and look at the average college student who is pursuing his passion for music production. It’s not at all easy to start or invest in music production. Now coming back to the question this can be asked by one of the people I mentioned above because I was asking these same darn questions years ago.

I had to find the answers to why music production software was expensive as well.

Let’s take a moment to think about a guy from a developing country. There is no way that they can invest the money into music production. The taxes are high and the import cost and the customs charge will choke them.

Is Ableton expensive?

the question should not be “why is Ableton expensive?” the question should be “is Ableton expensive?”.

the reason is that Ableton is not that expensive at all when you compare the features that you get with it.

Let’s take fl studio which comes at 99$ for its fruity version, you can’t even record vocals with it.

It doesn’t even come with a feature to record external instruments or any audio tracks.

If you look at the Ableton intro version you can get 16 tracks of recordings in it at the same price of 99$.

Now if you answer the question Ableton isn’t that expensive at all.

Let’s look at the other versions of Ableton and compare the prices as well.

Versions of Ableton

The three versions of Ableton that are available to purchase a license are,

  • Ableton live intro 
  • Ableton live standard
  • Abelton live suite

Ableton live intro is not an expensive license at all. It offers so much more than all other digital audio workstations out there. The features that come with the intro versions can be used to make songs and beats and you can even make a minimal album with Ableton live intro.

For 99$ it’s worth it and it’s cheap.

Ableton live standard is a bit expensive when you look at the price straight away without looking at what it offers.it offers additional features than the intro version. It gives you access to the whole software except max for live features that you might only use if you are a bit experienced in music production.

Ableton’s live standard comes around 449$. As I told you it’s expensive but worth every penny to invest in it. If you are serious about music production then I would advise you to buy this license.

The most important thing about the standard license is that it’s going to serve you for a long time.

You can get an Ableton live standard license here.

The next license is the Ableton live suite version. Unless and until you want to work with plugins and complex effects processing you don’t have to invest in the Ableton suite version. It’s the expensive license of all in the Ableton tiers. You have to pay quite a bit of money to acquire this license.

Ableton’s live suite version comes at 749$. It’s expensive most people wouldn’t need this but if you love max for live you can get it here.

How to get two birds in one stone

Here is an opportunity for you!!! Do you want to hit two birds in one stone????

Here is an insider tip that I want to give you that most people who know about Ableton wouldn’t share with you.

You can get both the Ableton standard software license and the Ableton push 2 midi controller for a single price which is a sweet deal when compared to purchasing the Ableton standard software license. The value is more than 1500$ but you pay only half of the amount.

Click here to get your Ableton push 2.

If you don’t know what Ableton push is. Check my article on does Ableton comes with a push here.


No matter you have money or not investing in your craft and yourself is the best thing you can do as a music producer. Learning critical skills might come with a price. That is going to be the deciding factor in how good you are going to be and how fast you will progress as well.

The secret to succeeding In music production has so many nuances to it that sometimes investments are not all considered as a stepping stone. Hard work is spoken about so much but investments play a big role too. If you are into music production always have a budget for your future investments in your music production business. You can’t expect a harvest without laying seeds first.

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Hustle harder.

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