Why is FL studio the best DAW?

FL Studio for the most part called the easy-to-use workstation by a lot of producers. Even though it might not have a lot of features that some of these new production software’s like Ableton have, FL studio is considered to be the best daw in a lot of cases when it comes to starting music production for a variety of reasons.

Out of the three versions of FL studio available there is an extra option to have a trial for 30 days as well which adds extra value for opting for FL studio as your digital audio workstation of choice.

The capabilities of FL studio are second to none when it comes to music production and performance. Most producers who look down on FL studio are the ones who just learned software and being a prick about it.

In this article, I will go through10 reasons why FL studio is the best digital audio workstation for a music producer. If you don’t have an FL studio license yet you can get one at the link below. The amazing thing about FL is that it’s a one-time payment and you get to keep the software for your life with lifetime free updates.

10 reasons why the FL studio is the best DAW

  • EfficiencyBeginner friendly
  • Pattern system
  • Mixing console
  • Edison 
  • Piano roll
  • Software synths
  • Unlimited lifetime updates
  • Varied price range
  • Compatibility

Let’s look at each one of them one by one, shall we


When we work with a digital audio workstation it should be efficient to handle whatever we threw at it in music production. The important ability of FL studio is that it can handle any complex production project that you want to work on.

FL Studio is built to handle these efficiently. Most popular electronic music productions were done in FL studio. FL studio has a workflow that will become so easier for you and it will become addictive.

You won’t be even able to change to other digital audio workstations because of your faster workflow in FL studio.


This must be the main reason why FL studio is considered to be the best digital audio workstation. The ease of use and the ability for anyone to grasp what is going on inside the software makes it very easy for its users to understand and learn music production. If you ask anyone who is into music production, 70 percent of people would have had at least one encounter with FL studio.

This beginner-friendly interface makes it the best digital audio workstation to use for all music producers and doesn’t pigeonhole itself as if it belongs to only the professionals.

Pattern system

One of the not talked about things in FL studio is the use of patterns in writing the arrangement of the song. Even though this format is used in different audio workstations in different ways, FL studio’s approach to pattern system makes it the best digital audio workstation for every group of people.

The pattern system is easy to follow and put together the song within minutes.

It’s the most useful hip-hop producer where the sample just repeats itself.

Mixing console

I have seen mixing console integration in Ableton, pro tools, and in logic but the most surprising one of them all is the mixing console in FL studio.

It isn’t boring when compared to the other mixing consoles where you just have a knob to do the adjustments.

Even though the mixing integration might seem like a bit complex in FL studio it makes FL studio the best Digital audio workstation.


Edison is a sampler as well as an external audio recording plugin that comes with FL studio. The ability of Edison to multiple amazing things and the alteration that it does for the audio gives an edge to FL studio.

Unlike other samplers, there are so many differences when it comes to Edison. The functionalities of Edison are laid out pretty clearly for anyone to follow and use the plugin.

Even though it has a limit of 30 mins of recording time. Edison makes FL studio the best digital audio workstation.

Piano roll

The piano roll that fl studio has is the best among all the piano rolls in music production software.

The ease of use and functionalities are so advanced when compared to a lot of other premium software.

Which gives rise to the point that other music production companies must copy fl studio in this regard?

Software synths

If you choose the signature version of FL studio you will get access to a variety of software synth’s that are more than good enough for the first year to learn and execute your plans.

These software synths are not available in the producer version as well as the fruity version. They are only available in the signature version.

The important aspect of these inbuilt software synths is that they are efficient in terms of CPU usage which makes FL studio the best digital audio workstation.

Unlimited lifetime updates

If one thing you should know about FL studio it should be the ability to get lifetime upgrades on FL studio if you purchase a license for once.

Paying a flat fee for once you will be getting the lifetime upgrade as well as unlimited usage for the particular edition of the software.

No other digital audio workstation offers such updates which is one of the reasons why the FL studio is the best digital audio workstation.

Varied price range

There is an option for anyone who uses FL studio no matter you are a beginner or an advanced software producer, there is something for you. The price range starts from 99$ for the fruity version and it max’s at the 500$ mark.

You can get

FL studio fruity version here

FL studio producer version here

FL studio signature version here


FL Studio is compatible with almost all laptops and mac. If you look at certain software’s they are not available for all operating systems at all.

FL studio was windows only a few years ago and they finally released the mac version which makes it the best digital audio workstation.


No matter which digital audio workstation you use some might be good at something and some will be good at something else. It depends on a variety of things, to be honest.

My approach to which digital audio workstation is the best is that which one you have is the best.

If you can master it then you are the greatest music producer. The software doesn’t make you a great producer.

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Hustle harder folks.

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