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Why is Pro-tools the Best DAW?

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Pro Tools is considered to be one of the best digital audio workstations among others. There is also a community of people who won’t even respect you when you say you are using some other digital audio workstation other than pro tools. That’s how much the professional value of pro tools has grown over the years. This is mostly because pro tools company avid makes a lot of recording studio targeted mixing consoles along with the digital audio workstation.

Avid’s mixing consoles are widely used in recording studios and composing studios. This integration with mixing hardware gives the software so much reputation as a premium digital audio workstation.

When it comes to the functionalities in pro tools it gives a tough competition to all other digital audio workstations as it proves to be the best digital audio workstation for composing music for videos.

Pro tools stands as the best DAW because of its integration with premium mixing consoles and the ability to make compose music for videos. Pro tools boast as the premium software in the music production software.

 in this article let’s look at some reasons why pro tools is the best digital audio workstation.

7 reasons why pro tools is the best DAW

  • The free version offers moreBest scoring DAW
  • Cloud collaboration
  • Pro Tools HD systems
  • Loop record track comping
  • Price 
  • Efficiency In workflow

Let’s look at each one of them one by one.

The free version offers more

When you look at all the digital audio workstations out there you will come to find that pro tools offers more in their free version as well as their entry version. The competing software like Cubase and Ableton doesn’t offer this much potential to experiment and use when it comes to their intro software licenses.

You will get 3.1 GB of free sounds and samples to work with when you install pro tools first version. You are getting unlimited busses in pro tools whereas in other software like Ableton and Cubase the intro version or license offers only 2 busses or returns.

The only thing that you will notice with pro tools first version is that it will have limited features when it comes to scoring music for videos.

Best scoring DAW

 Pro Tools is used by professional mixing engineers who work for movies in Hollywood and other production houses. One such function that they require is the use of Netflix post technology alliance participants. Satellite linking is another function that allows pro tools to be used by professionals and makes it stand out among its competitors.

It has 4k and UHD support along with support for 64 video tracks to work simultaneously in a project.

Pro tools just helps you to work amazingly work with video flawlessly as it has built-in video editing features as well.

Cloud collaboration

Even though there are so many ways of collaborating available in digital audio workstations available in today’s internet age, pro tools takes it to the next level by introducing a cloud collaboration feature to the table.

It offers about 1GB of cloud storage even for the pro tools’ first free version.

You can work on unlimited projects in the paid plans still pro tools offers 3 projects in the free plan which will allow you to get a feel for how pro tools works in the cloud.

As you might know, the introduction to aws and google cloud has given rise to a golden age for cloud computing.

Pro Tools HD systems

As I talked about in the introduction AVID makes so many tools for the music production industry and the audio production works. Pro tools has integration with systems such as HD, HDX, MTRX, MTE, MTRX studio, HD I/O, HD Omni, HD MADI, HD sync.

It works well with all ASIO compatible third-party interfaces as well.

The software has great integration with mixing decks such as Avid control, artist mix, avid dock, avid s1, s3, s4, s6.

Avid pro tools works well with storage devices such as NEXIS pro and NEXIS.

Loop record track comping

Recording vocals and external instruments are the main functions of a digital audio workstation that is being used in a professional studio.

Comping is a feature that helps to loop record on a certain portion of a track over and over again to choose the perfect recording.

I use Ableton extensively and my complaint with Ableton is not having the comping feature. Even though there are various ways to get around doing that it’s just surprising to me that they haven’t added that feature yet.


 Pro tools follows a subscription model for their pricing.

There are three versions of pro tools available; ignoring the free version there are two paid versions that hold that highest usage among professional music producers and audio engineers.

Efficiency In workflow

As pro tools Is made for professionals who work in a top-level time constraint work the workflow is geared towards making it easier and at the same time not compromising the ability of the user to get the maximum through the software.

The shortcuts in pro tools are so advanced and pro tools has the most keyboard shortcuts when compared to all other digital audio workstations.


Even if you use or don’t use pro tools, investing in a digital audio workstation makes you learn and lean in on learning the software with more commitment and accountability.

Certain investments bring so much return to your work and DAW’s are one of them.

If you are learning a DAW for the first time don’t give up thinking “oh I can’t do this”.

It takes time to learn and do music production and audio post-production.

If you are interested check my article on how long does it take to be a pro in music production.

You can also check my post on how to create a music production portfolio.

Hustle harder folks.

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