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Why is Pro Tools the industry standard? 7 Reasons in 2021

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If you count the number of times when pro tools was called the “industry standard” by producers, you will never be able to do it. This is because of so many reasons that are predominantly related to its use in a high demanding situation where you want the software to perform for a larger project.

If you take a look at my article on why pro tools is the best DAW? You can learn more about why you should choose pro tools as your DAW of choice as well.

Let’s dive into this shall we,

7 reasons why pro tools is the industry standard

  • Cloud collaboration
  •  film scoring
  • Hardware integration
  • Easy to use interface
  • Cutting edge video exporting
  • Faster learning curve
  • Advanced HD systems

Let’s look at them one by one,

Cloud collaboration

The first and foremost reason that pro tools is considered as the industry standard is because of the cloud collaboration feature that was made available by pro tools so that no matter where you are in the world you can manage an artist and record in a recording studio remotely. This is an amazing way to even work on movie audio production works. This even allows teams to work on larger composing projects as well.

The intensity of the work seems is taken to another level with this cloud collaboration feature in pro tools.

Film scoring

The one software that is always brought out when talked about film scoring is pro tools, the other one is logic pro. Pro tool’s ability to work with video and the innate ability to access the files in any format and work with multi-tracks at the same time, took the pro tools glory to the so called “industry standard level”.

Due to the use of various tools and functionalities that are offered by pro tools, film composers have always been rooting for pro tools.

Hardware integration

As you might know, pro tools is made by avid. Avid is a leader in making hardware as well as software tools for its producers. The amazing consoles that are produced by avid beautifully integrate with pro tools. The s series consoles for mixing and mastering are incredible. They are widely used in almost all recording studios. The s series mixers are known for their quality and the ability to perform for demanding usages.

Easy to use interface

When it comes to usage, the one thing that’s always overlooked is the ability to use the software and navigate faster. In the case of pro tools, this is made easier and simple with the help of pro tools menus and the organization is stunning.

Any beginner would be able to find and work with things in the user interface of pro tools when compared to an fl studio where people sometimes even get lost.

Cutting edge video exporting

Film composing requires the software to export in multiple formats as well, which is backed by a lot of music production software. Pro Tools offers this varied feature where you can even edit the video in case you want something to be removed. The editing features are limited but ads more value to the user for selecting pro tools users who are using it for film scoring.

Faster learning curve

When you compare to other software’s the learning curve for pro tools is so short. This because the arrangement and the layouts are crafted so well to support the users to understand and work with music production projects. Nothing is hindering the learning curve when you compare to other software like FL Studio and Ableton. Where you might find multiple windows and layouts which are intimidating. This is one of the reasons why pro tools is which is referred to people when they are first starting for the first two weeks.

When they get a hold of the pro tools first(which is the free software), I will push them to Ableton live which is an all-around software for music production and live performance.

Advanced HD systems

the HD systems that are available in pro tools are groundbreaking. No digital audio workstation has worked its way to produce integration for HD systems and taking the composing experience to the next level. Pro tools nail things down when it comes to being a pioneer in the industry for amazing workflow and quality improvements.

This is one of the reasons as a premium software I love pro tools.


If you are a mixing engineer or an audio engineer who is actively looking for a job in a recording studio, I would strongly recommend getting a pro tools license to start learning how to use pro tools effectively. if you are just starting, I wouldn’t ask you to start with pro tools. Once you have learned one software it’s just easy to learn others because every software works on the same music production principle but the interface is just a bit different.

You can start with Ableton which is an awesome DAW.

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Hustle harder folks.

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