Can you do Music Production without learning Music Theory?

music theory

Most music producers in the big scene nowadays have at least some background in music theory.some of them don’ doesn’t matter whether they know music theory or not both parties are making hits that actually reaches millions of people.

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music production once upon a time was all about recording live instruments and singing .at that day and age nobody had any midi chord guidance when using a midi keyboard.nobody had virtual instruments that can emulate real instruments as well.back in the day it wasn’t possible to be a music producer without music theory.

Yes, it’s possible to do music production without music theory with the assistance of modern-day music production wouldn’t be possible 30 years ago but it’s possible in this modern era of music production.

In today’s world technology has advanced so much that it doesn’t matter what we use things are so simple.even someone who has zero knowledge about music production can put together a beat within 3 hours with some this article,

I am going to walk you guys through how anyone can produce music without knowing music theory. For the music theory nerds, this post is going to trigger you guys so much. I will be talking about all the shortcuts that are available as well.

The basic structure of a song consists of a

  • Drumbeat
  • Chords
  • Topline

This is all you need to put together a beat. let’s look at how people nowadays are making a beat without any knowledge of music production.

Drum Beat

This is the base layer of a beat. if you couldn’t write a drumbeat on a digital audio workstation. it’s hard to start to build the song.this can be done by two methods if you zero music theory and you have no idea how time signatures work and how to layer different drum beats.

once upon a time you have to know the skill to actually record them in the studio.things have shifted dramatically nowadays that anyone can put together a drum beat.

The first way to put together a drum beat is by using the drumming pads that are available in the midi controllers. you don’t even need to know what you are playing all you need to know is to play the pads in a rhythm that you feel is good enough to listen

The second method is a bit technical its using midi loops .you can download premade midi loops for all genres of drums and use them in your digital audio workstation. This will reduce a ton of time for you in making your own music as well.

Nowadays people are selling drum loop packs whether its midi loops or wav loops these are extremely useful when you don’t have a proper background in music theory.


Chords are the backbones of melodies. Melodies sit above the chords and fill the space in the song. without learning music theory it’s harder to add chords in your production. Once you have the drumbeat ready its time to add the chords. There are three methods by which you can make this happen. let’s look at them one by one

The first method is using your hearing skill and putting together chords based on intuition. This is a hard step to follow or a hard method to follow in music production because of the time it requires to put together a proper chord without music theory.

The second method is using midi chord loops that are available in the marketplaces and in websites, .you can find these midi chord loops based on the mood of the song and also based on the genre of the song. this method is quite popular among upcoming music producers to reduce time and push out beat after beat.

The third method is using plugins.there are lots of plugins available in the market that can be used to add these chords directly in your digital audio workstation. such methods are so effective as these can be made into templates and accessed any time when we are looping for chords.


The topline or the so-called melody line is an important part of the song. nowadays the type of melody that we see are so different .they are not as how it was 20 years ago. The melodies that we use nowadays include only 4 -5 notes, which is pretty simple to emulate and learn.

There are various ways you can make a topline, when I started music production once such technique that I used was taking the midi chord loops and switching the notes was effective for a while but you will soon find out that it’s a redundant method to make a topline

Toplines give spirit and soul to the song by making them stick in the minds of listeners.its very important to keep in mind and put more effort into them. I spend double the time I spend on chords in a song for the top line as it just represents the face of the song.

Another way is using midi loops. This is the most common way. people rip of midi loops from various sources and make their own version of things.
As you can see it is not that hard to put together a beat at all.anyone can do it with the right tools. Music theory is like a cheat book, you will know exactly what works and what doesn’t.


Making music is not hard but establishing ourselves as a music producer in the industry is hard takes time to craft the skill to produce music that is liked by people and appreciated by people. don’t put much force on yourself that it wasn’t working for you.

My advice for someone who has no knowledge of music theory is that “learn something daily” you don’t have to become an expert in music production to make music .you just need basic knowledge of all the functions of music to find your style and rhythm.

Find ways how you can make it work for yourself

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Hustle harder

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