How to choose your first Vst plugin?

The one thing that comes to my mind when I talk about vst plugins is the obsession that we get when we start to get into music production. the mindset that I had when starting music production was to get all the plugins and I thought the big producers we see making music have a secret plugin that we don’t get to see that’s why their music sounds great”, now when I think about it I find myself laughing because of how silly it is. the access that these big producers have is true but does that mean it is what making their song so amazing? No, not at all.

Choosing your first plugin and investing money into your craft may be daunting at first because of the number of plugins that are there in the market .you will get thousands of software libraries and lots and lots of plugins.

It’s very important to look at the long term requirements before investing in a plugin.

In this article, I will help your figure out which vst plugin you should be investing on,

Let’s get started.

If we take a step to classify plugins, There are three types of vst plugins,

  • Vst instruments
  • Vst effects
  • Vst synths

I will walk you through each of these plugins and give you an idea of what it is and my best recommendation

Let’s start with the first one,

Vst instruments

These are nothing but sound libraries integrated with a sampler which can be played with a midi keyboard. some libraries come with a sampler but some don’t .it depends on the company that produces it.

if you are looking for new sounds then you should invest in a sample library. when someone searches for a sample library that’s when you know they have outgrown the inbuilt sounds and samples that come along with the digital audio workstation.

There are sample libraries for all sorts of sounds .some are specific like,” trumpet sample library”.is it value for money for an absolute beginner? No. you should invest in a sample library that gives you
more sounds to work with and more flexibility to have options in it .there are a lot of software like which includes Xpand2, nexus, and omnisphere.

I always recommend getting an omnishphere because it’s a long time investment and it will serve you good even for 20 years .thats how much powerful it is .it has so many patches of sounds it will take a lifetime to go through each one of them.

This is the reason why in this blog I always teach folks to do long term investments rather than short term gambles.where can you get omnisphere? You can get it from zzounds.

the only online store that we promote on our website because of the amazing customer service that they provide.they offer the lowest price on the market and 20-day return policy as well. I have tried so many stores these guys are the best.

Click here to check the price of omnisphere.

Vst effects

These are effects such as reverb, delay, saturation, and other mixing and mastering effects that are required as well.its a tricky question to answer because of the number of plugins we have on the vst effects .most of them are great. if you push me and ask like what you should get first then I will recommend a good mixing and mastering plugin.

Mixing and mastering plugins play a huge role in how your music is perceived and how it turns out in each system. if you can’t make your music sound good in your system its idiotic to expect it to sound good on other systems. the only best way to overcome this is by investing in a mixing and mastering plugin like OZONE9.

The reason I recommend ozone is because of the advanced functionalities that come cannot go wrong with the functionalities that ozone bring to your production. the textures and the sounds are just incredible. one more thing to add is that ozone is not just a mixing and mastering plugin it’s a mixing and mastering suite which means it’s a collection of plugins.

You can check its price in zzounds.

Okie before you complain that I promote zzounds so much, I have to tell you these are some of the nicest people I have seen in the music sales industry.

We recommend zzounds for its low price and its 30 days return policy.

VST synths

More than sample libraries and vst effects investing in a vst synth will make a lot of sense if you are a beginner who is trying to get into electronic music production. I would even advise hip-hop music producers to start learning a synth first because once you start to dive into samples and libraries it’s hard to come back to synths and learn will get comfy using the sample libraries.

Vst synths offer many features including creating sounds from the ground up. if you are a music production nerd like me, man you should invest in a software synth first. the only software synth I recommend you to get first massive X from massive instruments.

One amazing thing about native instruments is that they sell everything in a package. yes, you can buy massive X can save a lot more money if you invest in native instruments complete standard includes software instruments, software effects, and mixing and mastering plugins.

You can check its price here in zzounds.


This is not the ultimate list that I would recommend .you can always change what you want to invest in based on your requirements. if you are looking for that one long term investment in a software vst then, all the above-mentioned products are your best bet to invest in.

That being said you don’t require all those plugins to get started in music production .you can always start small and built upwards.

If you are looking for a music production desk check out this article

Take it one day at a time folks.

Hustle harder

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